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Joyride 150 in Markham, Ontario and there is a skate park near by too, Markham centennial skatepark

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I prefer you get a 25 tooth sprocket and 9 tooth driver It would be easier if you got an entire back wheel because changing hubs is tiring. If you do install it yourself check this video on how to: Its the most popular gearing. Also its better ... more »

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sims federal dc blade crossrider

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GT slammer 2013


The Good: Air bag tires, Easy to handle, Stiff

The Bad: Pedals, Sprocket size


This bike is pretty good for its price, I definitely had to upgrade it, I got custom blue Gt grips, Gyro brake system for bar-spins,tail-            whips,etc and I am thinking of spraying painting. The pedals are horrible they broke after 2 weeks of riding, need to get those replaced and the sprocket size is way too big so I need to get that one smaller, Everything else is fine.

Final price including upgrades = $451.83

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