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Bikes sick!

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Oh haha. And yea possibly, it depends on if I feel like buying new stuff lol. I need a fork bolt and still never bought one lol

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What? Lol

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Oh yea, i forgot to include the chain but its just a regular white one*

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(this is an older pic, i cant find a newer one) This is my 2012 Verde Cadet Parts: Demoliton momentuem Odyssey Par ends Eastern Phorcys ODI Longnecks Odyssey twisted pc le pedals 8.5 rise stolen thermalite piviotal seat combo and basicly every other

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odyssey quadrant laced to a shadow raptor-$50

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I also might be buying this stem. Idk what one to get, the Mission converge or the sunday freeze.

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Grips suck


The Good: Colorful and soft

The Bad: Last for like a month

Overall: Waste of money, dont get them

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He like slid off the ramp on the end

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Added a product review for Verde Cartel Fork 8/13/2012 11:24 AM

Good forks


The Good: Ive had these for like a year and ive had no problems with them. They seem to be light. The forks are also cheap

The Bad: Dont come in many colors and the color shade is dark.

Overall: Decent forks but you can probaly find lighter and better ones for the same price

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Added a product review for Stolen Vortex Rubber Bar Ends 8/13/2012 11:20 AM

Not the best


The Good: Colorful, light, and hard to scratch

The Bad: Fade quickly

Overall: Alright bar ends. You can find better

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Awesome sproket


The Good: Ive had this for about 5 months and it is one of the lightest sprokets ive ran. It comes in many colors and it is cheap.

The Bad: I dont like the shape of it but thats just personal. Ive had no problems with the sproket

Overall: Great cheap sproket, get it off dans for $20

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Added a product review for ODI "O" Grips 8/13/2012 11:00 AM

Nice grips


The Good: I have these grips on my old bike and they are very comfy.

The Bad: Wear fast and dont look to good

Overall: These grips are good, i recommend longnecks instead though

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Horrible pedals


The Good: Nothing other then the colors

The Bad: They slip, no traction on them, and the break super easy

Overall: Bad. I had them for not even a month and i had to get rid of them. Waste of my money

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The Good: Comfy and soft but other then that they suck

The Bad: Everything. They lasted me 3 weeks and then i got a big rip in them

Overall: Do not buy these grips. They are a waste of money

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Added a product review for 2012 Verde Cadet 8/13/2012 10:43 AM

Love this bike


The Good: This bike is the ideal intermediate rider bike. The bike is light and stands out. Not to many people have verde but i recomend verde now. This bike also cheap.

The Bad: The stem tends to slip the bars ALOT. So make sure you buy a stem for this bike. The tires also do not last long

Overall: Buy this bike if you are a intermediate rider. Its good for its price

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Added a product review for Shadow Conspiracy Ravager Alloy Pedals 8/13/2012 10:38 AM

Friend has these Pedals


The Good: Light, colorful, and not to often slipped upon. Very grippy also

The Bad: Nothing is bad with these

Overall: Well worth the money. Go on dans and buy these pedals now!

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Decent seat post



The Bad: Rusts very easy

Overall: Good, get it

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Not as bad as people say it is


The Good: The seat is light, cheap, and comes in many colors. Probaly one of the best pivotal seat post combo ive had. Its also small and doesnt get in the way

The Bad: Scuffs very easy and is not comfy what so ever. The seat tends to break easy when you try to tilt it

Overall: Ive had this seat for about 5 months now.It seems to be very common and is lightweight and a nice looking seat

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Im getting these tires


The Good: From what i heard they are the best tires you can get. Grippy, high pressure, and last long.

The Bad: Nothing yet

Overall: Im getting these tires today of dans

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