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Reply to toboggan ect. 3/3/2014 9:27 AM

flick your hand like a fishing pole so that the bars come away from you instead of pulling them towards you. that way the toboggan does the dipping automatically

Reply to S&M Mainline/Speedball/Trackmark 3/3/2014 9:24 AM

I'm pretty sure Speedball is named after a trail set.

Reply to Trans Blue S&M BTM 2/21/2014 3:17 AM

its ok i guess

Reply to Charlotte 1/23/2014 8:34 PM


Reply to Adventures in bottom bracket assembly 3/25/2013 11:18 AM

its a good idea, and most bike shops use a similar design if not something a little more expensive http://www.parktool.com/product/home-mechanic-bearing-cup-press-hhp-3

Reply to Misc Questions, and Mike Hoder? 3/25/2013 11:08 AM

you'll hate this website then.

Reply to Adventures in bottom bracket assembly 3/25/2013 10:57 AM

best way to do it is to get some threaded rod, some big washers and some nuts to make a bearing press, that way there is even pressure on the bearings.

Reply to Who still wears DC? 3/25/2013 10:25 AM

those stores sell overflow and overstock product. also DC's are awful, they haven't made a good shoe in years, in my mind, DC shoes are the Walmart of skate shoes.

Reply to Frames with integrated chain tensioner? 12/21/2012 11:00 PM

i cant any one either also for have seen huh

Reply to Ezra Freecoaster 11/22/2012 7:11 PM

thats also understandable, too bad punctuation is a myth nowadays.

Reply to Ezra Freecoaster 11/22/2012 6:46 PM

thats a cool uneducated guess your making there...

Reply to Do you guys even bmx? 11/22/2012 6:21 PM

I bmx.... its something iv'e come to terms with... thanks for bringing it up though, i thought i could bury it but it just keeps coming back.

Reply to Another steal for $400. 10/19/2012 8:43 AM

Vaquero frame is mighty good, its super nice and super strong!

Reply to New Paltz area 10/19/2012 8:31 AM

theres a huge trails scene but theres also some great street in New Paltz, you just have to be able to ride weird rocky stuff. Matt Ressler lives in kingston, im not sure if he still rides but hit him up

Reply to Happiest Day Ever 10/4/2012 4:41 PM

when you get in the air, push the bars forward instead of pulling them up

Reply to OLD MEMBERS 9/29/2012 5:25 PM


Reply to crank slides 9/29/2012 12:35 PM

My sprocket never actually touches the rail when I do crank arm slides, if you learn them the right way it shouldn't be a problem

Reply to Eastern Nomads for $99 9/29/2012 12:34 PM

The reason most things get put on sale is because they have a new product coming out soon and they don't want to be stuck with last years product, this has nothing to do with the quality of the product and everything to do with running a business.

Reply to Cult frame. 9/18/2012 1:53 PM

lol on wanting to "mix it up" and getting a cult...

Reply to Weight or strength. 9/10/2012 6:23 PM

damn 12? mines only 13