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Hey guys, I was just wondering if anybody could tell me what width the Fly Luna bars are. I am unsure as danscomp has them as 28" but they are 26.5" at a lot of other places so yeah just wondering and also heres the link to the bars ... more »

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Garrett Reynolds is not tech. He never does technical tricks, he does big gaps and street shit. Tech is generally heaps of tricks like a whip to tap to feeble to ice to footjam to front jam to bar in or someshit

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$1000 Break a frame or break your nose.

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the protec bucky lasek ones are the best

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what program and stuff did you use to get it to 1000 fps?

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QUEENSLAND, hottest place! its like 30 degrees everyday

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Chase Hawk Garrett Reynolds Kevin Porter Dak Dan Foley

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Its a downside tooth chink to downside whip

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ok guys. and if it does snap i have 1 year before warranty goes on it

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i was 3ing and i scrtrewed it up weirdly and it hit the coping

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do dent weaken the frame lots? because i have a fly tierra and i dented it on the chainstay about 2 inches from the dropout and its about 2 or 3 millimeters deep. should i be worried?

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Odyssey! 100% 41 Thermal lifetime Warranty against bends and cracks

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United, the sundays have Hi-Tensile parts :O

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Clone rims must be pretty good because a guy i know rides them front and back and there good for him! and definately buy them from strictly or ride on bmx they both have them for $60 i think

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sickk dude you got manuals on lock and smiths as well

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because i have already got one ordered when they come and i had to pick the colour and those were the three options

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