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I just picked up an Odyssey Bluebird chain a couple weeks ago-I've heard nothing but good. Haven't thrown it on yet. I figure I want to sprocket bash bar something awesome first, and will replace my nearly 5 year old shadow interlock 2 when I do.

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Classic. Someone should do an interview with him to see what he's been up to.

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I would guess not enough people buying to justify making. But that's merely a guess. He apparently got tubing from another company and is saying it is better stuff and he is excited to make frames with it. I'm intrigued, but at the same time I know the ... more »

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It'd be equal to pedaling backwards. Add a little thin grease in there, and maintain it a little more often to inspect for issues.

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I want one too.

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Pawls and springs are not in properly, or damaged. Take it to a shop.

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Bet that's it, or the drive side bearing is not in all the way, causing friction.

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Push ups, lift moderately heavy stuff a lot, and it's TWO WEEKS. It's not going to have you atrophy a noticeable amount.

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It varies person to person. Is it your lower back or middle or upper? If lower, you MIGHT be stretched out too far and reaching more (could also be a lack of core strength-which is mostly what I had issues with). One thing I would suggest is play with ... more »

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I spent 5 years as a shift manager at a pizza place-I've had pretty much every combo I could come up with, and some that no one else dared to have. Pizza is fantastic, and if I could have only one food forever, it likely would be Pizza due to the variety ... more »

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Nice! I would love to do that, just not in the cards right now. Hopefully someday soon I can get a new frame.

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This. When you loosen the wheel, DO BOTH SIDES. Then you can center it better. Don't worry about all the other things mentioned until you try this. (It's the free option)

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Sounds to me like you SLAM into grinds. I know a few dudes running exactly what you are talking about, and they haven't had issues at all (even being 200+lbs in one case).

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haha I actually didn't catch that. Probably a 110 MM spacing for that 5 bolt setup. Chainrings are actually really easy to swap out-same with the cranks-you would need to pull the arms and put new ones on, no BB work at all (unless it's messed up of ... more »

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I'm 6 feet tall on a 20.75 and sometimes feel a little cramped. It's a lot of personal preference though-within reason. There are dudes who are taller than me on 20.5s and they love it. There are dudes who are 5'5" running 21s. As to fitness, it depends ... more »

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Instead of stopping the frame with your foot and hopping on, try to just hop on. Eliminate that step. You will need to practice your timing.

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Sprockets are not part of the cranks, they can be removed and changed with 1 piece cranks pretty easily. You just have to take the cranks out and then remove the bearing race (which threads on) and the sprocket comes right off. They aren't brand or model ... more »

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No. It happens to a lot of people. Best thing you can do is practice a LOT.

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Rake leaves, mow lawns, wash cars etc.

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I got mine as a wedding gift from a buddy. Such an awesome thing. He straight up asked me what I wanted, and said "I know you are gonna get a ton of stuff your wife wants, so what do YOU want?" I plan to do the same for buddies within reason as well. ... more »