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And 27 bajillion threads that new kids open up 16 of on the same subject. I try my hardest to wipe those out...but it keeps happening.

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I might have to do something like this soon... once I get some more lumber...

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I used a BSD version that is designed for Profile when I had one. It was cheaper and awesome.

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Did not read the story, HOWEVER, I would say that SOME are like that, not all. Coming from a former avid road cyclist, I too hate toolbags that think they own the road being on a bike-but I feel the same about cars, trucks, motorcycles etc. EDIT: That ... more »

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Send the serial number to Haro and they can tell you.

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If I could get some little devil stickers, I would be SO happy.

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They tried to revamp the team with him, and they were solid bikes, but the sales were not there in the one-two years they were given, so they basically dropped BMX again. I'd bet they would kill it if they would invest in racing...then toss some R&D ... more »

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I wouldn't say that graffitti is part of skatepark culture-typically it is stupid kids who think they are good at it that ruin parks. Personally I prefer clean ramps.

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I've got a ton in a folder on my workbench.

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I know, don't quote photos. I self-film-basically have a tripod my phone sits on, hit record and get whatever I do on video-then screenshot it.

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I'd get an adapter-you could try a local hardware store and see if they have anything-bring your peg and your wheel in. Or hit up a local bike shop and spend a bit more (still only a few bucks).

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It is-they are OK at best on street, but kill it on loose dirt. I ran a pair years ago. Do you have the tires at max pressure?

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Nope. Not a fan of it. But to each their own.

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Many brands run off Joytech's platform-I have a Demolition Rogue I picked up at least second hand-only cleaned once and no issues. Had one that I got brand new before that-same scenario. Profile is good-had one before my Demo stuff-never had an issue ... more »

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Whenever I can, usually a local park or in front of my house.

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Tire grab to bar was fun the few times I did it. Trucks no foot can to late xup no foot can to no hander No footer to xup No footer to no hander

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That's a VERY solid deal-make sure it is not stolen.

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Weight weenie :D

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Knowing the properties of different alloys would have the same benefits/downsides in pretty much all applications-if someone wanted to build something-say a dune buggy-they would want it to be light and strong. Light to make the motor work less to get ... more »

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He stated they are NOT flip flops, so no he can not get a 14t FW on there. He can do 15 or higher.