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Road Champs finger bikes are better

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OR, learn fun stuff with front brakes. That would also solve the problem.

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Internet is like 45 bucks a month. Work an extra 5-10 hours and pay for it. Then you don't have to worry.

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Out of place in BMX is good. Everyone looks and rides the same these days.

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Nyquist was one of the first dudes trying to get 1080's, and got SUPER close. He is left forward and spins left.

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I hope you don't grind anything rough...they have some thin sidewalls.

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If at home, I spit in my grip just a tiny bit. When I was at a shop it was almost exclusively the blower nozzle on a compressor. I've done zip ties too.

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I'm on a coaster right now, but the cassette will be coming back when it is pump track in my yard time I think.

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If you run brakes, get it anodized or powdercoated. If not, sand with very fine grit sandpaper (high numbers), clean the rim, prime it, light sand again, clean it, then spin the wheel and spray thin coats onto the rim. One the final coat is on, several ... more »

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I've got a few, most of mine are self-filmed because I don't ride with others much lately.

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Talk to Karl Hinkley, he owns Nowear Clothing, and they just dropped frames recently that are made by Standard. He would be a good resource for information with starting with smaller things (he has clothing and handlebars mostly) also runs travelling ... more »

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Zeros for me. Welded seam, double wall and that's about all ya need.

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Yes. There is a lot more to look into other than what is better. It depends on what you grind, if you slam into grinds, how often you grind, if you want durability and long life or not, if you want quiet grinds or loud and so on.

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I still say one of the coolest moves I recall on a hitching post was Bruce Crisman's Bar to one handed fufanu at xgames in like 2002.

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Redline is hi tensile steel and looks like it had looseball bearings in the wheels (Avoid these-they tend to fail faster) and the Cult (if aftermarket) would be chromoly. Coasters 99% of the time are sealed unless it is a Nankai or super old (talking ... more »

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Honestly, I don't look for any specifics with parts etc, durability and pricing are my main points I aim for. As to the image, I am a fan of your vision, I would even love to see some things that are less about the party lifestyle, and more about the ... more »

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As I said in your other thread, get the serial number and email it to (or call) cult and ask. Also check to see if the serial is reported stolen.

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Didn't redline do a through axle setup in that size for their Carbon Flight? They might offer something for the race side. I know GT has a Carbon setup too, but I don't know axle specs for that frame.

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This. On top of that, MOST people have what qualifies as a "preexisting condition." Did you know poor enough vision requiring glasses counts? So does high blood pressure, pregnancy, chronic headaches or back/neck pain, medical care from a previous injury, ... more »

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The first one appears to be a weird pile of random parts tossed together. Looks like a race frame, and the rest seems to be off a hyper from walmart almost. Get the second bike, looks to be a much better option.