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I found the rotator hub for 135 on ebay but I don't want a black one. And demands can't be completely accurate because they've been similar cost since I got my reloader in like 06, with similar internals, and almost no demand back then.

Started new thread Freecoaster Prices 9/28/2014 4:00 PM

Sorry, rant coming... I've noticed that freecoasters are ridiculously priced...especially the KHE clones. Honestly the company cranks out a shell and sources the internals. Why do they cost more than almost all cassettes at this point? You can build ... more »

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Added reply in a thread Start Round Wheels again? Y/N? 9/28/2014 3:45 PM

I'd be down to try a set, fat 28 year old on a budget here haha.

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Seriously though, these things take a pounding.

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Try a bigger one? Or smaller? Honestly you wasted a lot of time going online to ask when you could have spent 9 extra seconds figuring it out in the garage.

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Depends on what you like to ride. Rails ledges wedges quarters box jumps, spines, halfipes, miniramps etc. What do you normally ride? Make stuff for that, or make something different for a change.

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Ride some? Do something to enlighten your mind (read or something)

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Your brakes are rubbing or your tire is hitting your frame.

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I am convinced 99% of the riding population doesn't know what a g-turn actually is. It is not the nose-180 to cab or anything like that. It is a 180 to backwards nose wheelie to cab OFF THE FRONT WHEEL. EVERY SINGLE HOW TO OR VIDEO I HAVE SEEN has been ... more »

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Keep an eye out for cracks. I know dudes who've have a pinched stem last years, and dudes who snapped/cracked em in a week.

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I remember when a cheap stem was 20 bucks, and it would outlast anything out there because of the sheer amount of metal it was made from.

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You should be running brakes because you can learn fun things with brakes. Also, if you don't know why your dad said to put them back on, you should apologize for ignoring him, and realize that he wants you to have them FOR SAFETY because he cares about ... more »

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There is no "after chrome", only "Where is the chrome now" followed by "I want more chrome".

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Thanks dudes! He'll be here Monday! Haven't finished the paint removal, work and life has caught up. Hopefully this weekend I get it done and the fork cleared and installed with the stoppers. Might even quick strip the stoppers down

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Fork is bent.

I know it is a director.

Started new thread My Buddy Del's Bike 9/23/2014 6:22 AM

Here is what he put on FB: Ok I figured I'd post this one more time with a few more parts. I have a chrome sunday broadcaster 21.25tt with a 13.25 rear. It comes with a United Beacon seat black, seat post, seat clamp, odyssey blue bird chain, stranger

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Something tells me you would dislike the Bicycle Boogie scene in Rad.

Started new thread Paint Removal 9/23/2014 6:14 AM

Hey guys, just letting you know I am not gone or anything, I got a new position at work and have been training for it. I have cranked out a session, and managed to wreck my ankle some. Footplant over a roller hump thing at the plaza to ankle cruncher.

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Looks fun! The ONLY thing I would've done differently is make the landing a shallow transition, for softer landings and better ability to pump the ramp. Build a hip into it!