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20.75 currently, prefer 21, 6 feet tall. Dhersquist video is awesome!

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Good luck man, I've got the same wheel with a diff guard and can't get 120 OBO for it.

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My two Federal frames over the last 4 years or so have been good (Lacey and Twilight), my Drop Bars and Liquid forks were good too. That's about all my experience is.

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Cut the front half off, and make a wall mounted lamp

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Nah, preference, but when learning barspins, a seat to pinch is SO helpful. For whips I have done em high seat and low seat. I disagree with your remove the brakes comment, purely because he is new at riding, why not try em out for a while and learn ... more »

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BOW LEGGED FTW haha. Leigh Ramsdell style.

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Don't have your bars so far forward. Try bringing them back a bit. You are VERY stretched out over the bike so when you level you have to lean REALLY far forward, throwing the front wheel down.

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This. Elstran is ridiculous, and all he cares about is a good time. I've seen him hammer out some nuts moves, but more often than not he is doing goofy lines and weird stuff that doesn't make sense to anyone else. Change your setup in a free way-lose ... more »

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It's not a Giant. Send the serial to Fly and see what they tell you.

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That's not true at all actually. Full links stretch mainly at the pins and rollers, the holes the pins sit in over time ovalize, making the chain longer, thus STRETCHING. Half link plates are designed in such a way that they stretch the plates and somewhat ... more »

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Could also be something some idiot hodgepodged and swapped RHD to LHD (or LHD to RHD) and the threaded clutch ring loosened out and locked it up. A buddy of mine managed that one like 6 years ago.

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Sounds like a good reason to press charges on the skaters and get them arrested for assault. BOOM. Criminal record = harder to get jobs etc. Also depending on how bad his injuries were could lead to a felony-which if they are over 18 means they are about ... more »

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Also this. They are a good time. I just need to get a new rim so I can rock em again.

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They are 6061 aluminum alloy, rather than chromoly steel. I stopped doing crank arm grinds a LONG time ago, so they don't really apply to me anymore. I only really did them for a few years back in like 2004-2007 or so, and mine were different than what ... more »

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I'm 6 feet tall and run a 20.75 currently, had 21 previously. Next frame will likely be a 21. I mainly ride a plaza (mostly ledges etc) and rails in front of my house for now, come spring I hope to throw a couple dirt jumps together and am working on ... more »

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Bigger tire or thicker shoes.

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Also angles can factor, his top tube could be shorter giving a more upright feel.

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SOMETIMES you can tap a bigger allen into the bolt to break it loose. SOMETIMES. You can also wrap your allen with a piece of inner tube and put it in the bolt and it MIGHT grip enough to break loose. Then change the bolts AND replace your allen.

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Use a pliers to pop the clip off, then the side plate comes off, master link slides out, then the chain is apart. When removed, this is pretty much what it looks like (clip is differently shaped). Parts in order of closest to camera and further back

... more »
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I ran one for like 2-3 years without issue. Only downside is that it can suck to remove if you change BB or clean things off periodically. Keep that in mind.