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At my heaviest I was 258, recently (god I am a fattie). I rock Demolition Rogue rear, Phantom front and Demolition Zero Rims. I laced them myself, and I have trued them a couple times in 2 + years.

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Demolition Guards, and Steel pegs. Not sure brand. Sometimes I run Binary PCs.

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That would likely get you a ticket for riding it without a helmet (I assume helmet laws) and possibly Disorderly Conduct. Many cops do follow the laws to the letter and some follow the spirit of the law and allow some gray areas. To all you kids being ... more »

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Apply anyway, and check in with them in late January or Early February, bike building season.

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Depends on the shop. Learn derailluers, disc brakes, unsealed parts, and really anything you can. Suspension is good to know, as are Hyrdraulic brakes, as they separate you from some home mechanic usually. (Assuming you will work in the service department ... more »

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I skated and rode a jump in my yard my bro made. Then I moved to a farm and there was nowhere to skate, so I started riding flatland, and built a dirt jump in my yard. That was summer of 1999. Here I am over 15 years later and still riding. Not as good ... more »

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Tell us how you really feel. Honestly is the "hate S&M" train taking over for the "Hate Eastern" train since Eastern is kind of done at this time.

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Looks solid. Get some threads to match my Demolition and I would be down. Also you should look into Chromoly if you can.

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Well actually it basically is a job, where your benefits are free or cheap parts and sometimes travel expenses paid, plus a paycheck. They take your information on file like any other job. You are on a contract that can be terminated any time. Lot's ... more »

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Awesome. I love people. Does this guy actually think he would be able to send a junker in place of that? What a smart guy. I wonder if he realizes that people would come after him?

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Thinking into it more, the hardest part will be lining both sides up. You need to make sure they are directly across from eachother, ideally level in height. Rotation wise on the HT won't really matter as long as they are level in height and straight ... more »

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This Do it front to back FIRST using the TT as a centering location (you may be able to eyball this, but measure tubing diameter and then half it and try to mark the half point) Then using a protractor you can measure 90 degrees from the front to back ... more »

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Coming from a Minnesotan, I would like to see you ride street in 2 feet of snow with a 40 MPH wind while it is NEGATIVE 40 degrees. Street is fun, but in other areas, you NEED INDOOR PARKS TO BE ABLE TO RIDE in winter. The OP lives where it rains mostly, ... more »

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Drivers (depending on the hub) are like 50-70 bucks. Sprockets are 20-70. If the teeth resemble a shark fin, they are worn, and it is time to start saving. Your driver/sprocket are worn, and the new chain is not, hence the issues you are facing.

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http://skatepark.com/skateparks/Washington This site has a list of skateparks in Washington. Some might be indoor. Check it out.

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Haha 55 degrees is warm. 30s and 20s actually can be done too, if not too windy. I typically ride a parking garage down to about 10 degrees. I am dreading January and February this year...last year we hit -50's.

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Be good, send vids in to companies, be a good person, use the SEARCH BAR on BMX forums to see how many other versions of the same question have been asked, and the answers to those questions.

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I ALWAYS sand the clamping area, and then take a box cutter and carve notching into the clamping area, BE VERY CAREFUL AND CUT AWAY FROM YOURSELF OR HAVE SOMEONE HELP YOU.

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My Momentums lasted 2+ years and I got another set cheap, and am at about a year on that set now, no issues.

My issue is all the stupid kids bashing others' setups or styles. Seriously. It's a bike. Ride what works, and shut up about others. ... more »

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Dave, 28, Married, have a son, don't ride a lot these days, started riding in 99, so 15 years and change now. I have run pretty much every variation a bmx bike can have, front brakes only, back brakes only, gyro, straight cable, both brakes, coaster, ... more »