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Yea, but it also preaches tolerance and being good to others. Besides, if it helps those folks feel better, let em do it. Someone else praying doesn't harm me in any way.

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Save it for what needs it. What happens when you get cranks, and your fork snaps? Or if you get rims and your cranks break? I'm a firm believer in replacing WHAT NEEDS IT.

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Faster top end, slightly slower acceleration. Might need a bit more chain.

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1. No. No age is too old as long as you can physically ride a bike. It expands off just riding down the street to be whatever you want it to be. 2. Aim for full chromoly, double wall rims, sealed bearings. outside of that, aim for sizing that works for ... more »

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How I Wasted My Summer.

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You should spend like 7 bucks and get a spoke wrench :D It's a wonderful tool to have and you can tension your spokes while resting during a session!

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To respond to your first point, if you move the rear wheel further forward along with the BB to keep the CS length the same, and a more slack angle on the seat tube to keep the TT length, guess what? YOU MOVE THE RIDER CLOSER TO THE BARS because the

... more »
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That is a thing of beauty.

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A buddy of mine LOVED house park. I'd say any park is worth checking out, regardless of what locals and others say. You might find something that is incredibly fun!

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Depends on how much stretch we are talking here...move the drops apart maybe 1/4 inch, not really much to worry about. If you are spreading much more than that, I would be a little more ambitious with looking your frame's rear end over-especially if ... more »

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This is what I was about to say to the guy saying he does it to stop the creaking. Takes all of a minute to add a 1/2 turn to your spokes on each wheel.

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I know what steve is getting at, while the CS LENGTH doesn't change, it effectively will place the wheel FURTHER UNDER the rider with a more slack seat tube. The rear will feel different, because the rider's position ON the bike will change slightly-when ... more »

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Go to this if you can. It's Saturday.

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Sadly Urban Roots already closed. They weren't getting the traffic to stay open.

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Actually it's more like wearing stonewashed jeans and a jean jacket to an 80's party. It's purely cosmetic and came from back in the day. A pipe cleaner or piece of shoelace loose around a hub cleans it. Tennis balls are wedged in place, and don't move. ... more »

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I'd rock a set if they were decent tires (not sure if they are, never ran the originals like these). Hopefully they are reasonably priced.

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Like stated before, it depends where the hole is, and how big. If in the tread and from a staple or nail, nothing to worry about. If it was bigger and a hole you can see through, new tire day. You can TEMPORARILY boot it with a dollar bill or a tire ... more »

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You're spending 450+ bucks on those parts and that complete, so I would just sink that 450 bucks into a solid complete, maybe even check into last years models/sale/clearance at the main mailorders (Albes, Dans and Empire). You will be a LOT happier ... more »

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*Unless you find something on clearance