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I would suggest something in the "Flat Bar Road Bike" category. Specialized Sirrus is one I am most familiar with (well up through 2014 models). I would aim for something like that if you want it for commuting and errands, with some mid range distance. ... more »

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I did it to the stem I am running back in 2006 or so and it still has not had bars move. Run like 4-5 sets of bars since then without issue. I did run a different stem for a couple years, but every stem I do run gets that treatment.

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They would either not spin due to friction on the bearings/rotating surface and act as heavy normal pegs, OR they would rotate, meaning the pegs are grippy on the rail and it would cause a slowdown/stick and toss ya OTB. They might not rotated AND stick. ... more »

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I have like 3 on my bike, and a few on the car. A bunch on a toolbox, my pump and might load up the bike stand in my basement. I also have like 200 more in a folder that I have yet to stick to stuff.

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Most of the Haro ads I've seen on Vital have been of the other guys. Not a lot from the Lineage side until very recently. Regardless, Haro has made a solid popularity comeback (they faded pretty far back with popularity above entry level riders and their

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I ran a set of red ones for around 3 years, and a set of black ones for nearly a year. They are great rims. My red ones still had color (unless you were scrutinizing the rim thoroughly) you could not see the brake rub.

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Flatland moves would be the ONLY exception to that, but rolling pegs on flat would be awful.

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Depends on the day and how I'm feeling. Sometimes it's throw down tricks, other days it's cruise around.

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I run 80 PSI and weigh like 250, but I don't do big drops anymore. As to the stem, one thing you could try is to remove paint in the clamping area, THEN CAREFULLY use a box cutter and CUT AWAY FROM YOURSELF to put small grooves in the stem clamping area. ... more »

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GOD if I had money I would be ALL OVER THOSE RIMS

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I have a roughly 13.75 rear and run a full link Bluebird. I took the factory half link out because it made the chain too long.

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Narrow bars would be less arm movement for more wheel movement wouldn't it?

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... more »
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I would say the time to walk away is when it is no longer fun for you. If you keep riding and it becomes a chore, or you just don't enjoy it, take a break and see if that spark comes back. You can always just cruise, flow around, do some manuals and ... more »

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10% of sales or 10% of Profits?

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I'd consider one that said "RIDE AND DESTROY" in the same font. I like the flow of those words a bit better. Still super rad though. And it would annoy the stupid kid skaters locally. I love annoying them

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If you read my post, I have some sleeved pegs that rotated on rough ledges, and it does nothing. If anything, in those specific pegs, it seemed like it SLOWED ME DOWN more than them being rigid and sliding. There is a lot more friction from more surface ... more »

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Where in my post did I say it would not work? I said it would not be a good idea and would take a lot more work than the perceived benefits would be worth. It would mean slow "grinds"/slides based on the stresses and friction of the side loads in the ... more »

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My Demolition Rogue was always good when I got heavy into grinds for a little bit here and there. Hollow axles are typically stronger than solid (harder to bend/break-solids tend to bend a lot easier). Maybe a female CHROMOLY axle setup with 17mm bolts ... more »

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I wouldn't say you are more open-minded when there are folks who have fabrication backgrounds and tons of experience stating this idea would not be a very good one. I would say that technically is more close-minded in the sense that you have not taken ... more »