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edit of me .. im a big guy and this is me riding http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGmZJF4uGQY&feature=youtu.be

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This ones a custom first ones a 21.1 my other ones a 20.5 and I've just got another bike with a few prot parts on put some pics up soon ... And my friend destroyed a 20.75 ...... But I trust my sand m all the way

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this is my ltf .. love it profile, S&M, Odyssey,fly , odi, Fit , colony Frame - LTF Forks - shiv xl Cranks - Hollow bytes Headset- primo Bars - samsquatch Seat - balance ..and other stuff haha

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hmmm welll you never know i love it but thanks for suggestion on chain

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well this is my s and m Frame S&M ltf chrome Fork Fit Shiv Handlebars Primo samsquatch 8.7 Bar ends Animal Stem S&M top loader with front loader top Grips ODI Longkneck Headset Primo ... more »

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Get one there LUSH"


The Good: great colorways strong as hell and reasonable

The Bad: stripped one of the earlier ones

Overall: the stem i have is the xlt ltd edition ice blast lasted me 4 years still great condition bought and sold tons of others and there all still running

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