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looked around converse's website, best and closest i can find to my old ones are these...wonder if i could get them customed...... hmm... Bryaden opinions? @OP when it comes to shoes, go with a trusted company... vans have stood the test of time... so

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Im going Converse Cons or Vans to be honest. probably Converse, my last pair of converse cons were amazing, waffled sole, mid style, really coushiony, navy with a white interior, came in wide width.... held up for 2 years of everyday use, walking running,

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*-Pre Gyro troubleshooting: Make sure your brakes are adjusted correctly, with the correct ammount of Sping tension on both arms, and that your Brake pads are toed in. also that your wheel is within the "trued" Tolerances, and is in line with your frame. ... more »

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add a baseball card, and some duct tape on the frame, on the non driveside chainstay....

Added reply in a thread Odyssey Hazard Lite Rims? 1/25/2015 10:22 PM

Hazard lites are great Rims, what else can I say? if you got them, USE THEM!

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Added reply in a thread Habitual Bike Changes 1/25/2015 10:09 PM

getting a 14mm hallow chromoly axled Joy-teche sealed hub, with an Odyssey PC-1 Driver 9T fully rebuilt last summer by brian for my current rear wheel, my old Odyssey Slick Kable, and whatever else he wants from my box o bike parts...

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Added reply in a thread The Owl (updated 1/22/15) 1/25/2015 9:46 AM

No idea on the brand, probably just a no name company of x, but its a semi sealed clip lock, 1-1/8th bearing, its decently smooth, my forks had a press on campy spec race, so we(by which I mean me, which chad powers tools and supervison), removed the

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Added reply in a thread Colony Wasp 1/25/2015 9:35 AM

My cassette has never skipped on me once. And its a cheapo semi sealed oem hub with dk laser etched on the shell, but its not a dk alpha hub.

Added reply in a thread Habitual Bike Changes 1/25/2015 12:02 AM

I'm not really one to change my setup i suppose, but I'm super picky about my parts, if i know its a bombproof part, I'll get it, but i wont change it out unless its creating a problem, or i get something stronger/*and at the same time lighter*, i suppose ... more »

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Leg length vs crank arm length= Gain ratio, proper crank arm length will make your bike easier on your legs when your Using a High Gainratio, which is related to your gear ratio, which is your drive train, when put together, you can have a smooth bike,

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Added reply in a thread breaks? 1/23/2015 10:21 PM

dnt 4get dem G-trnz bro

Started new thread Colony Wasp 1/23/2015 10:17 PM

Ive heard its a good hub, and its a decent enough price on Dan's comp. Any known longterm problems with this hub? how well does it hold up to heavy riding, and by heavy i mean somebody HEAVY on a not 22 pound bike(its 26 pounds atm)

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Their's normally a fair bit of play in the brake pad's slot, at least in my case, mine are almost fully forward in the slot... for the price, I'd try it, it it looks like it'll work, try it, if not, you could always return it to danscomp, their pretty ... more »

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Ive wondered this myself, No idea. maybe something in the brake pad comp having a bad reaction on chrome platting? no idea/

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Why do you say that? does it show any signs of cracking or weld fatigue or rust? if you dont see any of that or super heavy grinding love on the reardropouts, chainstays, and downtube/botton brackett, you should be just fine. Run the frame ... more »

Added reply in a thread Is this headset integrated or standard 1/23/2015 5:40 PM

That would be your Standard Race cup style headset. could very well be a Mechanik if it was previously owned. have your LBS check it out. Their honestly is very VERY little diffrence in how smooth of rotation between standard(sealed) and intergrated(campy

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oh yeah the king V I looked at those once too and I saw that and I saw Wtf? hg+ wjust get a strat style output jack, and a sodering gun, it'll take like 2 minutes, i would still make that leg guard tho. and I'd move the strap pin to a better spot. like ... more »