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I can 180 bar and 3 on flat pretty much every try but trucks I cant figure out how to do I can do them over a box jump or a spine but I cant do hop trucks does anyone have tips to do them

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try it off something 5 ft tall drop and don't try to jump high just carve a lot and keep ur head turned the whole time and pop off hard so u rotate fast

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so I can bunny hop 540 down drops sizes from 4 feet tall to 8 feet tall average loading dock height. last weekend I tried a 540 down a 8 stair which is the same size as a drop I could 540 but I couldn't do it because I couldn't clear the stairs. I cant ... more »

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im planning on trying a flair this weekend . I can backflip and backflip 180 on foot so I think I know the rotation for a flair on a bike. any tips befor trying one

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grippy but not used for good riders


The Good: grippy and sealed

The Bad: pedal spindle bent after 2 weeks of riding bent by 180 a big drop not used for hard riders


grippy and sealed pedal spindle bent after 2 weeks of riding bent by 180 a big drop not used for hard riders

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