Added a comment about news blog Adam Banton off Duffs 11/22/2009 10:24 PM

ORCHID!!! baby

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Added a comment about feature Eastern Bikes Giveaway 3/4/2009 8:56 AM

My favorite frame color: Gem Green
Favorite ride is: Brian Wizmerski
My favorite bike shop: Was High Mesa Bike & Gear (R.I.P.) now it's Bike World

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RATTMAN left a comment 2/24/2009 11:20 AM

nice trails set up
im about to build my sets back up

Added a comment about video 2008 summer edit 2/17/2009 12:11 PM

that happen to my trails every spring too. suck. but i build a new set up every season. nice trails.

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Cabeça left a comment 6/1/2008 9:33 PM

hi man.
go to Moda fucker. ?

keep riding bro !

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bruce is bad mofo.

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thanks for the add man. Nice set up

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