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sick , they need to get nathan williams out of there though lol

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that sounds sick, ill try to get out there

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i live in Houston area and i wanna ride a foam pit so bad!!! but i dont know of any close. does anybody of any around? or any baddass indoor skateparks? lol and im going to austin with some friends in a couple of days, if anyone knows of any up there... ... more »

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actually pretty good!


The Good: super light, really strong for a single wall rode front and back stock held up for a while

The Bad: not a very good back rim back one started bending when i got better

Overall: perfect front rim, came stock on my bike and i only had the back one for 6 months(becuase the hub went to shit) freind relaced the rim to a front hub and is still running it was kinda bent up but he trued it the front i still have on my bike! its actually my only stock part left i laced it to a vandero2 hub and just kept my spokes tight and it stayed straight! definetly recomend! as long as you keep your spokes tight it will stay straigt but if you dont it will bend fast! even my hazard lite bent when it had loose spokes. so keeping your spokes tight is the trick!

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i know this is a old forum but, but i have the same hub same problem the cones just rub the bearings you have to grind them down about a 1mm or 2mm and you'll have a perfect hub!

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i think the bottom bracket problem is my spacer between the bottom bracket bearings, it might be to wide. can i take it out or will i need one in their?

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it was alright


The Good: it felt good when it was straight and when it used to spin good

The Bad: got bent up after a while and spins like shit! not very loud at all either!

Overall: i guess i just need to true it and the only reason it spins so bad is because i didnt have a hub guard and i destroyed the left side of my hub from grinding and i crushed the shell around the bolt, but still for the money i would go with a better wheel

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are you sure thats the problem and its not the arms?

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i bought some profile a while back they were used and they wobble. i don't think 48 splines are supposed to do that, if i tighten it to much they spin like shit if i loosen it a little bit they get wobbly. i guess there worn out, but i really don't want ... more »

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i need a hub guard for my stolen roullet hub i was looking at the mutiny hub buddy 2.1 does that one fit? or what other ones will fit? some reply fast lol

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i was wondering what color to paint my frame,forks and back rim is chrome with black hub, polished sprocket, black bars, red front rim with black hub, black stem, black with red seat, clear pedals

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25:8 is fast and not to hard i out run everyone! lol

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fakeeeee!! your riding right foot foward in your other pic your riding left foot foward and your riding 2 different bikes at the same spot(your freinds bikes)

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