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Hey guys! I just bought a canon t3i and it came with a macro 60mm wich is not realy good for action shot and a 17-300mm. What kind of lens are you guys using for action shot?

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I can sell you my bonedeth's to ribcages

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Good luck for the wombolt arm. Odyssey dont have them anymore and I cant find one anywhere

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Get something chromoly if you can. Avoid hi-tensile frame and parts if you can (like this bike)

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I have a brown shadow tripod seat and a black odyssey sxtn

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sweet man! we dont see much bonedeth wheels, glad to know Im not the only

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Started new thread older odyssey cranks 11/5/2016 10:38 PM

Does anyone know if the wombolt arm fit on the twombolt spindle?

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Started new thread how often do you true your wheels? 10/5/2016 10:12 AM

I have 48h ribcages and pornhubs. Im about to true and tigh them for the first time in 3 years. How amazing this is

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nothing from odyssey/sunday yet?

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fonction over fashion. Maybe raw forks and bars?

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I would like to see more people riding both

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Honestly you have plenty of choice but the best Ive tried so far are the shadow valors

Started new thread another hubguard question 8/12/2016 11:22 AM

Im on a budget so I just bought an universal mission hubguard. It suppose to sit between the conenut and the forks. Im just worried because the guard look way to far from the

The first picture is the guard Im talking about ... more »

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Started new thread 48h: pornhubs to ribcages FOR TRADE 8/9/2016 10:55 AM

Pictures to come chrome ribcages: chrome is in good condition, rims are true bonedeth porn hubs in black: no grind damage, will include 2 aluminium hubguards, rhd I dont ride much anymore and I cant justify having those wheels anymore. Willing to trade ... more »

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I suggest the bonedeth rim

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Skip to 9:50 for the 180

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Not ready to make the move. Found some mew ribcages anyway

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Damn I hope I can find some other 48h ribcages.... No the green is from random tube I had. Dont know much about it. Ill keep you posted

Started new thread gsport RIPcage 5/22/2016 5:42 AM

Totaly butthurt about this. 48hs chrome ribcages are impossible to find... Is it a real issue? I can probably bend it back and ride it find but not sure. What do you guys think about

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Shadow valors. They are heavy but the must durable I ever had. 1. Shadow valors 2. Odyssey hawk 3. Demo momentun I had demo momentum, they are quite decent too. Odyssey ross v1 were horribly slippy to me. Animal mtt feel very very weird. My cult dehart ... more »