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nice nice nice


The Good: everything on this bike is nice.the only problem im having is with the bottom bracket,have now got colony hell stallion forks,colony official stem,snafu chunk lite 28t sprocket,colony stump seat post and pivotal colony seat,diatech brake arms,snafu c lever,oddysey liniear cable,oddysey tiwisted pc's and shadow conspiracy half link chain.

The Bad: nothing at all

Overall: very nice bike i highly reccomend it.form factory it is super smooth havewnt had any troubles with wheel bearings,have been riding it for nearly a year now and wheel spokes only just starting to is reasonable weight for a relatively cheap bike and cockpit isnt cramped seat comfortable.AT first i thought dk was bad but this changed my mind forever definantly better than eastern and forgotten and those sorts of if you have the chance pop around to your local biek shop and have a look at one of these things.

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The Good: hmmmm,super light nice and compact awsome reach,bolts r strong and clamps onm forks well

The Bad: having problems with bars slipping any1 else in the smae boat??

Overall: nice and light,compact good reach but as i said bars are slippign and hav stem as tight as it goes

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fuckn nice rig u got ther man

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