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Me andy friends edit for Spring of 2014

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I'm talking about the back one. The one they sell on Danscomp. But thanks i'm looking into the Rollcage so my back wheel is all G-Sport.

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Kinks are good and cheap. Defiantly would recommend one! Strong, light, and cheap... What more could you want??

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I need a new rim for my back wheel, and i want one that will last a long ass time and put up with my abuse. Thinking about the G-Sport Rollcage, Fly Bikes Classic, or Odyssey Aerospace . Or any other rims that are good? Not looking to spend a whole bunch ... more ยป

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Not too shaby


The Good: Last a longg ass time especially when in the front. The 2.4 (super fat) or 2.3s are slic and superr good for street and even grippy on painted park. The 2.25 is good for dirt and still good for street as well. Comes in a lot of colors and sizes which is a major plus!

The Bad: Little heavy (if you're a weight weeny), and side wall rips fairly easy if you grind ledges a lot.


Defiantly a must get. Would recommend 2.4 in front and 2.3 in back or for dirt 2.25 in front.

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