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Reply to switching up/LF BIG FOUR and more/trades/sell 9/30/2014 9:58 PM

I'll be getting back to both of you dudes asap. Ill call dibs on the big fours and that seat. I can just buy if you're looking to sell.

Reply to $$$ LF top load stem $$$ 9/29/2014 4:27 PM

What's your price range? I have an OG black S&M Enduro I might be willing to let go of. It's in great shape. Super clean. It's the 52mm version, not the super huge one. Dying for purple Animal frontloads, so if you can get your hands on any, we could ... more »

Reply to Calling my tall riders. 6ft lol 9/29/2014 10:49 AM

Fit Savage bars. Big, but not excessively big. I was using S&M Hoder High for awhile, still had sort of sore arms/shoulders/upper back, but i switched to the Savage and no more soreness.

Reply to delete. 9/28/2014 12:51 PM


Reply to delete 9/28/2014 12:50 PM

@fedex haven't forgot about you dude. Been busy as shit. But yeah, I can throw in a pair of the Edwin's for like 4 bucks. The Crosschecks are kinda fucked. I just looked at them and they're pretty worn. I rode them all summer. But yeah, hit me up during ... more »

Reply to Mac Life. Post them here. 9/28/2014 12:09 PM

Yup!!!! ^ color scheme is so sick. Chrome rims ftw

Reply to We interrupt this Broadcast 9/26/2014 11:59 AM

Love this thing. Trade/sell me that GLH!!

Reply to fully detailed flat 360 help/rant 9/25/2014 5:27 PM

^nice job dude. You nailed them. Must have felt crazy when you got them down. Thanks for the vids. Once the weather gets nice I'm going to head back out and yell "fuck" a thousand times and hopefully hit one.

Reply to fully detailed flat 360 help/rant 9/25/2014 11:04 AM

Thanks again for the tips. Trust me, I realize how totally retarded this issue seems. The trick shouldn't be a big deal, but it has always given me problems. Either way, going to put the tips into practice asap. I'll try to get some footage up.

Reply to Fakie wheelie guy from a few years back??? 9/24/2014 10:44 PM

davey watson.

Reply to fully detailed flat 360 help/rant 9/24/2014 6:34 PM

now thats something i can work with. i appreciate it. i know the trick isnt the most difficult or something that blows up the web, its just something i want to get nailed down for myself. its just always given me a problem. thank you again for the advice. ... more »

Reply to fully detailed flat 360 help/rant 9/24/2014 6:02 PM

so maybe i should have mentioned...this has nothing to do with "only riding street". i dont even use pegs. i like stairsets and jumping off shit. so unlike every person on the internet, im not trying to become Steve Churchill, and i couldnt care less ... more »

Reply to delete 9/24/2014 5:45 PM

yeah, i try to not fuck around when it comes to parts and peoples $$. ill hit you up in the thread sometime tomorrow night. thanks dude.

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Reply to Mac Life. Post them here. 9/24/2014 4:31 PM

the savages are pretty big, theyre really nice though.

Reply to delete 9/24/2014 4:29 PM

still have them. ill mark them down as sold to you. if its cool with you, can we do the paypal thing tomorrow? only reason i ask is because i wont be shipping out until friday morning. i dont like making people wait after they pay.

Reply to Mac Life. Post them here. 9/24/2014 12:26 PM

thanks dude^ keeping it clean. i stare at the green/black fade for like 10 mins at a time.

Reply to Soccer shin pads or bmx shin pads?? 9/24/2014 12:22 PM

i use these. they dont slip. theyre not crazy bulky or uncomfortable. fit perfectly under pant legs. no velcro or straps. price friendly too. not that i want to promote soccer or its equipment, but these definitely do the

Reply to New splatter paint job. (+ updated parts list) 9/24/2014 12:17 PM

i want the fit stem. still have?

Reply to Benny benny (pic heavy) 9/24/2014 12:15 PM

yeah, im loving this. love that frame.