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thanks dude I'm gonna right now. I don't have time to watch. I am gonna ask the key question I had problems with tho.

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yeah I figured they were the same I never heard anyone call it hex before. I can see my tirethrough my cap but the cap feels like it won't budge. I saw the same video I think by twisting the handle bars to the left it should pop off after loosening the ... more »

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yeah I'm having a problem getting my top cap off it's a hex key my Allen keys are either too small or too big I can only get the 4 bolts off for the handle bars and the 2 on the the back. I have a SALT “PRO” int. headset, sealed bearing. don't want to ... more »

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I copped a WTP justice from dans comp it's dope. I only had to put the handle bars, pedals, seat, and front rim on. I love my bike I've been doing a lot of street riding and broke it in pretty quick. I never had it checked at a shop and I don't know ... more »

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