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Hey man I was reading your review on the drifter frame. I have a question for you. I rode about 5 years ago and stopped suddenly for some reason. I decided to get back into it but I am now 6'2'' and 215 lbs. I ride street. What tt size should I get?

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Unreal Frame


The Good: Everything is good. It's super strong, stiff, geo is simply GODLY and does whatever you want it to. Ive been running my Volume Drifter 21.1 slammed chainstay for a bout 3 months now and I have been able to progress with tricks like manuals, high hops, and hop spins very quickly. Good headtube angle for some fun nose mannies, and wicked features like the pinched chainstays, tapered top tube and seat and chain stay braces. I had the option to go with S&M, Fit, BSD and all those other wicked brands, but I chose this because its simply amazing.

The Bad: Comes in at 5.1 pounds which isn't that bad considering where you find weight there is strength. Im at 6'2" 210lbs and this frame is putting up with all of my abuse. Take that in!

Overall: Beauty. I'd recommend this frame to any rider looking for something unique, strong, and long lasting. ENJOY :)

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Where the fuck was 540???

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Horrible cranks


The Good: They lasted me 11 months until they snapped on a simple 180 off a 1 foot high ledge, which led to them cutting my leg open and a bunch of blood gushing out (check out the photos on my profile). They only have a nice design on them.

The Bad: Everything. Weak enough to snap on my and cut my leg open.

Overall: Waste, look somewhere else.

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Great Cranks


The Good: Solid cranks, I have been running them for about a year now on my Mtb and my Bmx, nice length, wicked design. Im about 200 pounds and these things are lasting unlike my Demolition 2.0 (they snapped).

The Bad: Hard as FUUUUUUUUUUUU to get on, but in the end its worth it.

Overall: I bought mine new for $80 from a LBS employee, the reason I got them. Nice cranks, sick design. All cranks do the same job for me but in the end its which pair out lasts the other. HOOK YOURSELF UP WITH ONE OF THESE

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Hey guys.

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