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I need to know if 20 x 2.10 to 20 x 2.25 tires will fit a haro 200.1

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Haro 200.1


The Good: Light for the price, grips are good and comfy, tires get grip even on gravel

The Bad: the seat is plastic so it is ungodly uncomfortable, the grips do fall apart pretty fast, pedals could be better


I got this bike last year and it has held up nicely, i wanted it to be better though so i bought a bunch of parts for it, its easy to jump and bunny hop,  the cranks pop ALOT.  over all a good bike for beginners.

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I have a 2012 haro 200.1 and bought a pair of shiv 2 forks but i cant get them to fit my bike. the rubber gasket that goes on yhe bottom is to wide and wont fit. any suggestions?

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