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Animal GLH Animal TWW

Added reply in a thread Sprocket recommendations? 8/10/2016 12:12 AM

Tree OG

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Night riding is my favorite. Wawa? If you're in philly area hit me up!

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I've been riding Fly Rubens since 2008. These look pretty awesome though

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Start bunny hopping onto and over things if you're not already. Even if it's a 6" curb it forces you to hop better then slowly find other stuff. Hop over a 20 oz soda bottle on its side. Once you're comfortable with that stand it upright... Etc. cruise ... more »

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If you're talking about being adult riding a BMX in general, happens quite a bit. I just say "I don't like riding bikes if I can't touch the ground". If you're talking about your actual size I've ridden with dudes quite a bit bigger than you that were ... more »

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If someone gave me the choice of staying my current level of shitty on a bmx forever or being a sponsored scooter rider I'd still stick with bmx

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Work full time. Play bass and drums in rock/metal bands. Horror movies. Gambling. Eating. Collecting records. I love to travel and drive fast. Iron Maiden and Motörhead are the best bands ever. Martial arts and working out too.

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Mike Hoder.

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I'll try to make it out too although I doubt I'll be able to ride hard. Just got a tooth pulled and it sucks.

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I agree with this because both bikes are cool. I have 2 bikes. One with pegs the other without and different gearing. You could have one bike with pegs no brakes and the other pegless with brakes 4piece bars or something so they look different etc

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If they're backing it up with hard data and a lifetime warranty then it's not an opinion

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Odyssey mpegs

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The fit is much better

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They just released one on the villicus platform that looks awesome. I think it's the trillicus

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Mpegs are $20 for a pair and last way longer...

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It's pooping!? Damn. It's probably just the hub breaking in. Minis tend to skip a lot for the first few weeks you ride them

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Awesome dude. There's a few of us 30+ers on here. Welcome back

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Start learning wallrides. You can do them anywhere

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Here ya go!