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I had this problem once. New chain, new sprocket, new back wheel, new frame...all that didn't solve it. Sometimes it's just unavoidable. I eventually got spline drives which fixed it but I dealt with it for over 2 years haha

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Even the wonder is sick but deceiving people into thinking he landed it for 2 years to hype it is complete BS. How many other pictures that look awesome weren't landed? There's tricks Hoder tried and didn't land that they still post pics of because they're ... more »

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Get the new Bone Deth DVD! Plenty of big gaps there and tons of tits. It's great

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Raising your seat even only an inch or 2 will make a pretty big difference. I'm a small ass dude and sitting down and pedaling on a bmx is rarely comfortable. These bikes primary function isn't usually comfort for lengthy commutes so it doesn't have ... more »

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That started to happen to me in my late 20s. Slammed my knee super hard on concrete. Hurt for months if I put any pressure on it. I flew over my bars last summer because I hit a sink hole while hauling ass. I didn't get injured yet Ive had conisistent ... more »

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Exactly this. Rubber mallets are the best most useful tool for bike maintenance.

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This. Super weak and lame.

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Pretty sure the V1 still has the wishbone chainstay? Definitely do it. Looks so awesome.

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May be viewed as a pro or con but with 2 piece cranks if you ever need to swap your sprocket you have to take the whole damn crank out which isn't easy with the wedge system if you install it correctly.

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Yeah I'd put a fat pivotal on it and call it good haha that thing is sick

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That's normal

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Stem change just because I had to swap with my other bike due to topcap issues.

... more »
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I got it a few months ago. So awesome!

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how tall is the half pipe more importantly? best finding a 4-5' quarter that's not very steep and just riding in slowly so you get used to how it feels.

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Damn dude! Thanks! They are the perfect bar. I will never ride anything else. Anything to support Scerbo cause he's forever the realest.

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Hardcore Chicago'd bars! If that's what works for you though, whatever. Bike looks sick. Love the green and black with just the different color cranks

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Worst case scenario buy a longer stem if you don't adjust to the shorter TT after a month. Buying a new frame is always super exciting

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If you don't like the look of it I'd just get a stem with sunken top cap. I prefer having that extra insurance in some crazy scenario that my pinch bolts break or severely loosen

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He's trying to buy a cassette not a coaster. BSD pro street is real solid and Has hubguards specifically made for it. I don't remember if it comes in LHD though, pretty sure it does

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I used to be like eskimojay but lately I've been more charliekeet