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most important to me is the content, so i'll say first of all i like the riding. really good and and enough variety to keep me interested. there's no BS and it's straight to the point. less importantly: i don't like the song at all but that's not a type ... more »

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everything i saw was on instagram and i'm too lazy to try figuring out how to post it on here but all the places he rode for posted that he died and there's tribute videos on youtube so i'm pretty sure it's legit

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flatland bikes look so cool...curved tt's and dt's, 8-piece bars, radial laced wheels, burly pegs. reminds me of the 90's when bikes had more personality.

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if you're gonna make one more thing red, my vote is pedals.

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i've been running og's for over a year. i suck, i'm not smooth and i grind all sorts of unwaxed concrete and they hold up nice. i always choose pegs with anti rotate pins so my wheel doesn't move/loosen. only steel is real.

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@eskimojay "I'll say the kid is lucky to die doing what he loved though , most people don't get that" Pretty much the reason I posted it. Seemed like a real good rider and he died going big. Pretty bad ass way to go

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Learn what you can hop over or onto and when you're riding and see something you know you can hop, hop it as you're cruising by. EVERYTHING. hop as much as possible. Just keep doing it. Even if it's on and off the same 5" curb going down the road over ... more »

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Odyssey bandana

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I can't read Indonesian but what I've gathered on IG is he was a 15 year old kid who tried a "flip no handle" in his qualifying run for a huge contest in Indonesia and didn't land it then ended up dying from his injuries. Pretty crazy and an epic picture

... more »

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almost every hard drug user i've ever known or read about has had to quit drinking to quit hard drugs because as soon as they drink and their judgement slips they can't restrain the desire for hard drugs no matter how long they've been clean but they're ... more »

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If you look on the instructions for thunderbolts it says you can either use the provided dustcap OR a bunch of spacers so everyone that is saying to go there and raise hell should be ignored. If you prefer the look of the dustcap just go back and politely ... more »

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Seriously, the degree of loser a person has to be to sit on a forum for days spamming non-stop...unreal.

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probably lightbikeco after his failed previous trolling light=skinny?

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Wonder if he's related to Chris Benoit. Maybe he's still upset about that whole thing.

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I wouldn't text someone back after I ripped them off either unless the wheel you gave him was totally beat

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With those late 90's Haro dropouts you didn't need hub guards lol

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Don't like it? Don't support it. Make your own brand or edits that promote what you want BMX to be like. You can't make the people you hate go away but you can offer an alternative for people who aren't into it.