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Text me. 916-430-9496

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Text me. 916-430-9496

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Demolition Rolls hubs are highly reliable due to their simple design and a bushing driver. The Rogue would be like any other regular cassette hub. Plus, I just wasted money on a Rolls hub to find out that the axle length is too small to run 4 pegs... ... more »

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So the whole FC wheel is for $120 shipped?

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It must happen to only a few people, but nobody's ever mentioned how the valve hole on the rim is so offset. This led to me getting about 4-5 consecutive flats before I realized the valve hole of the rim kept on cutting my tube valve stem. I then put ... more »

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This, I've always stuck something in my seatstay bridge and pulled it back for maximum tightness of the chain while tightening my rear wheel. I never understand how people can get decently tight chains with holding just the rear wheel with their bare ... more »

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Everyone who fakies with their switch/goofy foot eventually fixes it, so do that and you'll most likely never go back to putting pedal pressure with your goofy foot unless you might do it occasionally when hauling ass backwards or whatever.

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I almost believed this until I realized it couldn't have been all too true... Go suck a cock.. This is no place for trolling.

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I know some people who've attempted to off themselves, regardless of the method. That's pretty much about it. I live in a good town, but some peoples' lives are just plain hectic. My high school had one guy pass away from heart failure way back when ... more »

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I tend to let my fakies go for too long on an FC and then the speed builds up and I gotta slide out, which wears out my tires. It's really hard to pivot some on an FC, and you can't really use pedal pressure due to the slack. And with footjams, sometimes ... more »

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And I was always thinking I sucked at 3's, no offense. haha

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In all honesty, any bike can be dialed as soon as the bike literally makes no sound, obviously excluding air in the tires. Nothing should be loose, which also shouldn't be happening if the bike doesn't make almost any sounds at all. Chains are usually ... more »

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Some days, your body and mind just feel good. If you're a person like me with horrible sleeping and eating schedules, with stress on top of that from life, it's honestly hard to ride some days, no doubt. Some days, I try and do things I wouldn't usually ... more »

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When I bail something, sometimes I'll exaggerate and let go of my bike. I'll let go of my bike really hard once in a while when I'm about to explode of anger, but I'll never legitly pick up my bike after letting it settle and then just straight up chucking ... more »

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This. My OCD drives me nuts and little nooks and crannies like that, that collect dust and crap drive me completely insane some days.

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Your technique is fine. All you need is to muscle it more. You don't physically need more muscles, but in some cases, you kinda do. Just keep on trying to get higher and higher. Just know that the more you yank up on the front end, the more harder and ... more »

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And since I didn't go too much into the smith grind. I do what I mention above and then I literally shift my weight to the back of the bike. When hopping out, it can be hard for some people, but for me, I take my weight off a tiny bit and pull my front ... more »

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For me, it's usually getting the front peg on first priority. As soon as I feel it's right, I immediately take my attention to the back and try to hop higher than whatever I'm grinding on. Front there, there's not too much steering involved, contrary ... more »

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If you have the 9t driver, it could be the problem. I don't know what it is, but I personally thought the design of that driver was simply missing something. The 10t driver always used a backing washing behind the driver and it was smooth as butter. ... more »

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No one ever emphasizes the fact that being goofy-footed can make learning spins from the beginning MUCH harder. In contrast to people who ride with regular footing, your back foot would naturally allow for easier leverage on the crank arm, thus letting ... more »