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I wonder how long it had been before they had found him.. Jeez, I hope they find out how he went..

Added reply in a thread Sprocket Wear 1/24/2016 10:26 PM

I've never even worn down a sprocket like that, and I love running near fully tight chains most of the time. I never let my chain get bone dry ever. When it starts getting way too dry, I lube or grease the chain up a tiny bit at the very least. Most ... more »

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Stolen Thermalite pedals are by far the widest body pedals I know of. As for sealed bearing pedals, I don't mess with that too much. But on every pedal I've ever had, I've always adjusted the tension of the bearings myself by popping out the bearing ... more »

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Thrash rulez.

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Check all of your driver hardware. I got a rigged BSD Backstreet hub and finally noticed after a while that it was because the entire top of the driver polymer bushing was missing/cracked off.

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As soon as it stops raining, I can finally go and get money to PayPal you. Sorry for the delay..

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The plastic peg trend has been around for longer than the arrival of the freecoaster trend. Speaking of "trends", I'll slowly begun to accept that plastic pegs and freecoaster hubs have their ups and downs, and that it's necessary for some peoples' riding ... more »

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It's no big deal, and it's almost weird that you have to get emotional over this. lol If you had a family like mine who don't like high-action sports, then yeah, maybe you could put yourself in this situation. Otherwise, why does it matter? Do what you ... more »

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It really depends on the season for me, but I usually never too late after sunset because I have bad eyesight and it really scares the hell out of me sometimes. If I don't have school, I can definitely force myself to ride as soon as dawn rises. If school ... more »

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For $22, you're better off getting a completely new hub and building that up. $22 for a front axle is WAY too much, considering it's for an unsealed hub and who knows what material that generic brand is made of?

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My only excuse is being goofy-footed. Apart from the weird body posture, obviously.

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Yeah, everything's too complicated. Literally, the ONLY downside I personally find about not having slammed wheel; is having the rear wheel move with heavy pedal pressure on a cassette hub. This especially happens to people who run plastic hub guards ... more »

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Feeble hard 360's and feeble easy 360's. Flat switch 360's. Flat switch full cabs and 540 cabs. Tailwhips and bars. Hell, maybe even switch bars, that I can get used to. Too much more I'd want to list here.

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Screw all of this wheel balance crap. I got some stones on the side of the road and I can just jam into my spokes however the hell I'd want to do so.

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And I can't? Poser. Go ask about tips on how to properly clean your bike on another forum.

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You could've just taken it apart yourself without even having to ask us. At your level, I didn't think you'd need to still ask. Always feel the hub when it's uninstalled to see the condition of the bearings.

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I've always ran at least one full link or two half links from being slammed. I like being able to take off my wheel with ease. Imagine if you didn't have a chain breaker, and you got a flat with a slammed wheel. You're instantly fcked.

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I'm interested. Text me at (916)430-949six.

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Is that the V2 frame? I'm interested.

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I'm interested in the Revenge front wheel. Text me at (916)430-949six