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Anyways, it's been 3+ months with the full catback exhaust and I've gotta say, it was a weird battle. Without silencers, it was really nice sounding, except it was way too loud with a lot of droning and I felt like it gave me somewhat crappier gas mileage. ... more »

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Considering my hesitant nature, pretty much any session I don't each major shit on, I'll consider that at least a decent or okay riding session.

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Lol, that's literally me. I know it's rice, but it's all I had. I installed the silencers yesterday and it's much quieter and drones way less, but sounds like dual coffee cans. There's only like 4-5 legit catback exhaust systems made for my car, and ... more »

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As the title says. I've been lacking the motivation to ride as often as I did during the beginning of this year and all of last year. Usually, I'd at least keep my bike in decent condition and maintain it, but nowadays, I just pick it up and if it rolls ... more »

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I think lithium grease is too thin, if we're speaking about like that white lithium stuff. Get some thick stuff. It'll be real nice once it breaks in. You just won't be able to do crankflips. haha My only problem that I hate.

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Clean all the extra grease around the bearing shell and it should be fine, assuming you don't ride trails/dirt and don't go launching your bike full on into water. If you're really paranoid, then get some big clear tape and put a strip over that side ... more »

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I never really felt the difference from 175mm to 170mm. Odd..Maybe if I went all the way down to 165mm or even a crazy 160mm, then maybe. But I think the standard 175 should be fine. I've ridden them for years until like a year ago. Plus, I don't even ... more »

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I've never really used genuine Slime tubes, they're just too expensive and too heavy. Self-sealing tubes are somewhat affordable if that's all they have at the store. Otherwise, I've gone all the way up to 3 cut up old tubes wrapped around my main tube ... more »

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Spokes are all the same, unless they're butted, as stated above. Those spokes are strictly made for weight reduction for racing, and Danscomp even states that they won't build wheels with those. Weight weenies have gotten so bad that Dans doesn't wanna ... more »

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I still can't get full cabs consistently. And I still get paranoid from time to time even with a tiny bit less than a full quarter crank of slack. I don't understand how people can run less than a full quarter crank of slack. I've engaged my hub twice ... more »

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Damn, those look good.

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I'll never see the day I stop having a love-hate relationship with being goofy-footed. It's been about almost 2 years since I started deciding to learn 3's seriously and I still can't land them flat properly. And on a good day, I can get them pretty ... more »

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+1 If this was Reddit, I'd have you a gold star.

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Ti spokes for street? Did you build the wheels yourself? lmao HALF ti spokes in the rear?

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I'm only 18 and getting married really blows my mind because I'm a REALLY indecisive person sometimes. And being committed makes me feel REALLY ENTRAPPED. Along with physical things that I hate, like wearing rings and all that for life. It makes me feel ... more »

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Yeah, mine is going for almost over a month now, and it's starting to click a tiny bit right before engaging, but that's about it. I don't plan on maintaining it at all, really. It could just be my BB bearings. If not, I'll probably decide to maintain ... more »

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Grinding forward on right = tighten Grinding forward on left = loosen Grinding backwards on right = loosen Grinding backwards on left = tighten So, depending on where your anti-roll pins sit when you tighten your hub, that may also affect your axle nut ... more »

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There's tons of bangers or super technical riding. Just watch Garrett Reynold's recent work or the Nike Crew Glasgow trip. The Alex Donnachie TCU "On Everything" has Alex doing a bunch of NBD's almost every other clip.

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Yeah, I don't think they'll ever properly exist. The plastic pegs with the aluminum cores have a smaller diameter at the bottom, so drilling out holes for the anti-roll pins would cause the entire to weaken and snap. And the plastic pegs that go over ... more »

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With the rapid decrease in price and all, I seriously thought this hub was going to be just as bad as the Viridian V1 and V2 front hub due to no one buying it, etc. The Kink Viridian hubs were the worst hubs I've ever ridden in my entire riding life, ... more »