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colony plastic fantastic


The Good: my favourite pedals, i had myne for a year and there still goin strong, the pins only wear down if you scrape them heaps,.

The Bad: nothing best pedals for me


great pedals oooooooohhhhhhooooooo

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very dissapointed


The Good: The front hub is sealed and is not so bad,the bike is light..

The Bad: Over priced, the tyres it comes with are just cheap 40psi tyres,after about a month I bent the forks they may be light but are very weak, a month later craked the stem and bent the bars, the brakes are useless and bad quality, the back hub skips alot and makes alot of bad noises even if the bearings are fine, 4 months after purchasing it, I craked the frame just doing 540s even though it says its full chromoly very bad quality bike rip off in fact.


Not a very good bike

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BMX is funn!!!!!

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