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Here's my whip... love that long front end. I mainly ride dirt. Frame - Colony Castaway 22″tt Fork - Odyssey R25 Handlebars - Odyssey Highway 9″x29" Stem - Sunday Freeze Headset - Shadow Conspiracy Cranks - Shadow Conspiracy Noctis Pedals - VP Harrier

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I'm 43 and I still compete in dirt. I'll get roasted for this, but what drives me nuts is old dudes thinking the old school stuff was better. From a pro from the 80's, let me tell you, old school stuff sucks. Fun to look at (I guess) but impractical ... more »

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I lived with that dude for awhile. He had the check where he sold the patent to the gyro for $99k...he had it hanging on the wall in his office.

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Yeah buddy!

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First thing first...have fun.

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What I was trying to say, and maybe I should have elaborated a bit, is that mtb has gone a little nuts over the past few years with different sizes for things. Keep in mind I work at a mtb bike park, so I see all the "nonsense" if you will with different ... more »

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Mountain biking is already made itself a retarded mismatch of sizes... 26", 27.5, 29" wheels... 135mm, 142mm rear hub sizes. I'd hate to see bmx go down that rabbit hole of crap.

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Yep yep!

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I'm rocking a Colony Castaway in a 22"tt and it's phenomenal. I ride dirt, park and the occasional vert ramp. I had a United Voyage in a 21.5"tt and loved it, too. I can't see ever going back to a sub 21.5 frame. Everybody says oh that's too long for ... more »

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Dayuum... dude has some serious boost!

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What Dave said. I was peg chinking spines over 20 years ago. That shizz has been around forever. Those downside ones Adam22 does aint nothing new either. The fact that they are popular now is new. I think they are pretty cool...

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Only two parks don't allow bikes in all of Colorado. Aspen and Breckenridge. If you are in Denver you are fine. You must hit up the crown jewel of Colorado parks.. Arvada! Boulder skatepark is amazing as well. Here's a few links. ... more »

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I like mine on trails. The only down side is that you are limited in aftermarket tire selection.

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Colony Castaway comes in a 22 as well

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yeah buddy!

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Yeah homey!

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In 2012 with the things bmxers are doing full face helmets should be a requirement... I just don't get it????? In the 80s and 90s that's all people wore... It BAFFLES me!!!! Stay strong Brett!