Added a product review for Kink Vela 2.1 Tire 8/10/2012 4:19 PM

Quality tire


The Good: Great grip for street and park even on the slipperyist shit last pretty long slick looking

The Bad: Not too much at all

Overall: Awsome tire awsome grip never sliped out only once but that was on fresh shitty paint get these tires there great

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Added a product review for Duo Brand Doyle Grips 9/30/2011 1:05 PM

realy good


The Good: pretty sweet never sliped when they got wet lasted five monthes nice and hard

The Bad: thought they would last longer

Overall: awsome good price to

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wow my petal just cracked had my bike for 5 months

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Added a product review for 2011 Verde Eon 7/4/2011 2:07 PM

i would recamend this


The Good: very lite nice and short durable but good for lighter riders rims held up petty good for single wald

The Bad: sprocet squeaks but if you oil it once a week its fine good for lighter riders im 135 and good foor me

Overall: great bike good for all tearan and is pefect for meidum riders

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