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This is a cool idea actually. I have never heard of it

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Just a crude park bench in a reserve I do my practice riding. I have a feeling she will be sticky. Only one way to find out I guess. Was just gathering experience first

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How do they go? Do they slide nice? Im talking steel by the way

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You would be lucky to get $50 from a racer collector

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Heres a vid of some local talent in my area and a good friend... its a shame he droped BMX'ing for hip hop dancing (I think he still rides a little.... no entirly sure)

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Gratz dude!

Added a product review for 2013 Mongoose Legion Bike 6/2/2012 11:19 PM

Alot of fun


The Good: There is alot of good to say about this bike. I cant put an exact weight on the bike (been to lazy to, and frankly couldnt care less) but she will let you throw her around. Shes sturdy and ive punished her. Still showing no signs of failure after a month of 5 days a week riding, Loves trails and if you put some pegs on her she doesnt mind a good grind.

The Bad: Well the seats pretty uncomfertable, though I do most of my riding standing. But if you want a seat to cruise home on after a hard sesh then you may want to get something with a little more padding. Also the rear tire has slid out a few times on trails. I highly reccomend getting a plyte for the back aswell.

Overall: Could not ask for a better bi9ke to learn on. If your looking to get into BMX this is the bike to get. Dont blow 300 bucks on something your gunna replace in a year, save the extra 200 and you will be fine untill your skill demands a new bike

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I've noticed many people online simply quit BMX when their friends do. I cant comprehend this. I personally cant even see myself riding with other people. Nothing like me, my bike and my MP3 with lots of space to just ride free and enjoy the riding. ... more »

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I like gloves and skinny grips.

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Well ive never done anything major on a bike, only lost skin. In my teen I used to BMX around schools on the weekend MTB the first half of the week and skate the last half. I broke my wrist and dislocated both ankles at teh same time skate boarding and ... more »

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haha I cant imagine what was going though your head when you missed the catch XD Its amazing how fast you can react when shit hits teh fan

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Im assuming you are still going to use the gold components, if thats the case I personally love the black and gold combo. Though most people (from what I have gathered) prefer the brighter colours and find black bikes boring. I would suggest my frame, ... more »

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Have you ever gone to do a trick and subconsciously do something else and its still turned out ok? Or even bought a new bike and underestimated its weight and just gone to pop off a gutter and pupped the bike all the way up? The latter happened to me

... more »

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I like the more, but thats prolly just cause I like black bikes!

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Living in Australia we dont have walmart, though in department stores they only stock Huffy's. Im not sure if Huffy makes decent MTB at all because I havnt really ventured there yet but Huffy suffers from the same thing. Though most bike shops do only ... more »

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Thanks for the response Brian. I dont understand why Mongoose dont push more BMX's. Im only a beginner and I have say I couldnt ask for a better bike to learn on. Shes sturdy, fast and nice looking bike. It loves trails and when I can hop higher I cant ... more »

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Never mind, just found out the weigh yourself-weigh yourself holding the bike. I feel kind of silly for not thinking of that

Just need to find scales I still think a stock bike data base would be a good idea though ... more »
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Sounds like a totally different bike to me

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Heya guys, does anyone know of a good website that has the weight of BMXs and if you dont can anyone explain the proper way to weigh a BMX? You know, type of scales and proper positioning and such. I ride a Mongoose legion which is a fully chromo bike ... more »

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