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I don't know yet. I'm going into Haro early April to shoot the bike and learn a lot more for the site. They don't have the final version yet, so I'm guessing they don't even know. All of this information will be made official soon!

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Also, I found what everyone was referencing. It's on Albe's (but is likely the same with all US-based dealers) - ***Haro has asked us to only ship this item to addresses in the USA. For this reason we will cancel and refund any orders placed that include ... more »

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I spoke with the bossman at Haro this morning and he confirmed the bike will be available worldwide. Direct quote - "100% mate, worldwide. All they need to do is call there Haro dealer and order one."

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Any update on this "not available outside of the USA" note? I'm thinking that's false...

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Where does it say that? Which site? Please post a link. ]

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I think you'll have to make your own.

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Totally agree. When I did this Q&A with him, he seemed a bit "obsessed" in a few of his answers.... and I think that's a good thing! He seems to have really put in the time and research to figure out what's best. Most BMX "clothing companies" just ... more »

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I thought the same thing about the price. Pretty sure that's around what I spend on pants normally - and I don't buy any sort of special pants.

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Any thoughts on this? I haven't seen them in person yet, but everyone seems pretty stoked.,5821

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Suits him well.

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Nah. The topic is quad whips, not the video. That's just a piece that supports my thoughts.

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Apparently quad whips are (almost) a normal thing now... BMX Triple Challenge Final Stop Highlights on Vital BMX Seems like just yesterday Spinner did the first one.

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That's awesome.

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This is absolutely insane.

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I thought this was going to be about bed bugs. I got attacked by bed bugs once. It sucked.

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Everything is a little different. Definitely no specific guidelines.

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Hell yeah. That's awesome! I'd recommend riding as much as possible before the event. Be sure not to over-practice and be tired when it's time for your runs. Study the course when the images are released and try to ride similar ramps. As far as tricks ... more »

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I'm pretty dumb when it comes to this stuff, but maybe something here can help -,2/new-box-jump-plans,1256607

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We SHOULD have more on this soon - possibly as soon as tomorrow.