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Reply to RIP, Mike Spinner's Backyard. 10/29/2014 2:31 PM

He had a few nasty knee surgeries and never fully bounced back. When he was out with injury, he got into nutrition and that's a big passion of his (hence why he started his company, EVL Nutrition). He still hops on the bike, just not as often. He really ... more »

Reply to RIP, Mike Spinner's Backyard. 10/27/2014 10:30 PM

I care. That place was awesome. Had many good times there.

New thread RIP, Mike Spinner's Backyard. 10/27/2014 5:59 PM

Had a lot of good times at this spot. It'll be missed. ... more »

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Reply to New Brett Banasiewicz Video 10/22/2014 6:22 PM

He'll see this.

New thread New Brett Banasiewicz Video 10/22/2014 3:17 PM

The day after Game of BIKE: Street, I flew to North Carolina and shot this video with Brett Banasiewicz. Check it - http://www.vitalbmx.com/videos/features/Dans-Comp-Pro-Team-Brett-Banasiewicz,56389/kylecarlson,363 It's truly inspirational seeing how far Brett has come after his horrible crash. His progress is mind-blowing and he keeps getting ... more »

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Reply to Buy these shoes. 10/22/2014 3:14 PM

Thanks, dude. This week has been a rough one. His life kicked ass, though. All good moving forward!

Reply to Vital BMX Game of Bike : Street 10/21/2014 8:12 PM

No lights at the park. We're fighting daylight. Couldn't risk it getting dark and having to cut the event short. Short time limits are only in round one.

Reply to Buy these shoes. 10/21/2014 8:11 PM

Limited edition BMX-based shoes signed by pro riders is absolutely appropriate for this section.

Reply to Gauntlet of Death 10/21/2014 8:10 PM

It was impossible for one person to film (I was filming alone). It was nuts, though.

Reply to Buy these shoes. 10/21/2014 4:35 PM

It is going to a good cause. If you have the cash, money well spent. If not, not a problem. Either way, it's great to see the BMX community helping out a fellow rider's family after his untimely passing.

Reply to Vital BMX Game of Bike : Street 10/21/2014 2:42 PM

Street was at Hollenbeck Plaza is Los Angeles, CA. Park will be at Woodward West.

Reply to Messed around with the FlyBikes Logo and came up with this.... (bored thread) 10/21/2014 2:42 PM

Definitely dig the creativity.

Reply to Backflips 10/21/2014 2:40 PM

Do it into a foam pit 1,000 times first. Better safe than sorry.

Reply to Instagram! 10/21/2014 2:38 PM

@kylecarlson I'm a handsome dude.

New thread Buy these shoes. 10/21/2014 2:37 PM

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Reply to Temecula 10/15/2014 2:24 PM

Go to this shop. These guys are rad and can help out with riding in Temecula - http://the-secret-bmx-shop.myshopify.com/

Reply to Off axis tricks 10/15/2014 12:37 PM

Hell yeah.

Reply to Frankie Blue 10/15/2014 12:34 PM

If you guys haven't seen it yet, Ryan Guettler and his girlfriend Kelsey started a fund to help out Frankie's family with medical bills and funeral costs - http://www.gofundme.com/foryoufrankieblue

New thread Texas Toast 2014 10/15/2014 12:32 PM

Anyone going? I head out tomorrow at 7:00am. Let's party!

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Reply to Wtf 10/14/2014 3:58 PM

It's annoying. We block 'em, and once in a while, they come back. I promise all of you that if I meet the person behind the action, I will personally kick their ass (assuming they're not way bigger and stronger than me).