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Reply to Who's watching FISE Edmonton right now? 9/17/2017 12:31 AM

Yes. Stoked to see the women progressing. They've all come a long way in the past few years. Men's final is going down tomorrow at 3:25!

Reply to Simone Barraco 9/5/2017 11:05 AM

Probably pasta. That's what Italians like, right?

Reply to Best phone for bmx 9/5/2017 11:03 AM

iPhone with a gigantic scary case?

Reply to Simone Barraco 9/4/2017 5:46 PM

One of my favorites. Excellent spot usage. This new one may be my favorite he's ever put out -,64085/kylecarlson,363

Reply to S and M 9/1/2017 3:02 PM

The best part about grips is that if you end up not liking them, they won't cost you an arm and a leg to switch up! Give 'em a shot.

Reply to Profile Z-Coaster... anyone actually still using one? 9/1/2017 3:01 PM

I know a handful of people on 'em. The guys that ride ZCoasters seem to swear by them.

Reply to ACE bmx 9/1/2017 3:00 PM

If you can't find it anywhere else and are uncomfortable ordering from ACE (I have no experience with them, so no opinion), reach out to GT and tell them what's up. I'd imagine they'll try to link you with the right place.

Reply to Fuck 9/1/2017 2:57 PM

They're good guys. Definitely reach out and ask!
Reply to 9 Riders in The Olympics 8/31/2017 11:02 PM

I think it will be similar to a FISE park course. Too soon to confirm that, though.

Reply to 9 Riders in The Olympics 8/31/2017 11:05 AM

What would be?

Reply to Phoenix AZ and surrounding areas 8/31/2017 11:04 AM

I've been there. Great spot. Stoked you guys are giving it an upgrade!

Reply to 9 Riders in The Olympics 8/30/2017 7:20 PM

I'm optimistic that it will grow over time. Baby steps, I guess.

Reply to 9 Riders in The Olympics 8/30/2017 7:19 PM

It's all explained in the article. The highest ranking rider from Australia is currently Loupos.

New thread 9 Riders in The Olympics 8/30/2017 3:26 PM

If The Olympics happened today, these would be the nine riders -

Full article here -,5900 Any thoughts? Pretty crazy seeing riders divided by their home countries for the first time...

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Reply to Merritt? Any good? 8/28/2017 9:26 PM

If their parts are good enough for BF, they're good enough for anyone!

Reply to Shot of the day 8/28/2017 9:22 PM

360 double downside tailwhip by Colton Walker in Budapest, Hungary.
Reply to Shot of the day 8/28/2017 9:19 PM

That's dope.

Reply to Riders in Texas 8/28/2017 9:14 PM

So gnarly. Good luck to everyone out there.

Reply to capix crypt any good 8/28/2017 9:12 PM

I've never heard of Capix, but I also don't live in Canada. I'm guessing that has something to do with it.

Reply to Vital BMX \\ Art Hub 8/23/2017 5:52 PM

This is dope.