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2011 Trust Bike


The Good: Light, rolls smooth, love the female front hub it spins forever, the overall feel of the bike is awesome, bars are pretty nice I like the rise to them. grips feel good.

The Bad: The spokes come loose fairly often, the tires are not that great, the brakes are squeaky no matter how i adjust them, the rear hub moves a bit (need to get some chain tensioners), peddles were ok, just cheaper plastic ones so I put my old ones on. bars feel light although they feel cheap and fragile,

Overall: Overall, I've had the bike for about 6 months and I really like it! I'm 6'4" so it's hard to find any bike that I feel comfortable on, but i do on this. As long as you're somewhat mechanically inclined and can stay on top of the upkeep such as spokes, you should be fine. Get some chain tensioners, new tires/tubes, pedals, and possibly bars.

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