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The Good: haro, strong

The Bad: none at all

Overall: i really never thought about it till switched to a dk and realized how shitty the dk one was, it was plastic, wtf, and put on the haro from an 09 race bike i used to ride, started on ramps and got a dk, and still continue to use it, got a premium one as well and just as good as this one

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The Good: strong post for railed

The Bad: long but can be cut

Overall: i got this post, great for a railed post, hasn't stripped out the guts yet, and that is good

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The Good: light for a railed

The Bad: railed seat

Overall: i have a haro railed seat same size different pattern. good for a railed and light too, but have been looking for a pivital cause i always seem to strip the guts of railed posts when i land too hard off a ramp and hurt my knee, i sit down too hard for railed seat posts and seats to stay put

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The Good: long and strong

The Bad: brakes=weight

Overall: i used to have the linear on my old haro 03 and it was amazing. it was long enough to do a barspin or tailwhip and not choke up the brakes, but short enough to not sit on the tire. of all cables, the linear edition runs as my number one

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The Good: last forever

The Bad: is a brake, means weight

Overall: i used to have these on my 03 haro, they weren't that strong, only cause the cable (the strattle cable) was loose and couldn't find my allen wrenches, didn't take em off though they were almost useless(only cause cable). i prefer brakeless cause brakes=weight, but if i had to use brakes, only the evolver

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The Good: strong and doesn't slip

The Bad: heavy and knee biters

Overall: i have the frontload style of this stem and it rocks, better than my brand new haro stem too. no problems other than a knee biter and a little heavy, but that is the price of a great stem

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The Good: strong and cheap

The Bad: kinda heavy for race forks

Overall: i have a set similar, the dropouts are different, but not much, could be the fact mine came on a complete, but my set lasted all year (2009) and have only dings and scratches. i ride heavy street and hit concrete ledges that ain't the smoothest thing, and hold up better than my old dk forks. haro forks rock

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then why are you riding bmx, if you are 6 foot 5, go for mtn or a yamaha dirt bike with a motor bmx should be left to those who not only fit on a bike but know how to ride too

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i hate indiana weather, snow and cold winds. plus, no ways to make money to buy parts. i need 180 dollars to get the parts i need to fix my bike the rest the way. will be trading my dk frame for a primo rear wheel soon and get new pawls and springs for ... more »

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i got a dk cincinnati with haro forks and bars, dk frontload stem and rear wheel, no brakes but ready for straight or gyro, primo wall tire front, odsy path rear, 42-14 gearing, needs new headset and a 25-9 seatup thrown on with a new chain, good for ... more »

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