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best seat you can buy

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Absoulutely awful and a rip off!


The Good: frame is light and strong and rear hub is replica primo mix, cranks are solid n light 2 seat is really light

The Bad: the forks are shit the bars are shit the tires are shit the rims are light but weak as fuck the front hub is unsealed and shit the sprocket is steel and crap the chain rusts after 2 days the stem is heavy the headset is awful and even when on another frame will not work with gyro the grips wear down after 2 hours the bar ends crack brakes are awful too

Overall: i bought this for £399 and it was shocking the overall value of it should be about £230 the frame, cranks, back hub and seat are good though

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Good Frame


The Good: It feels nice, very light, strong and looks cool. The dropouts prevent the chain from coming loose and they are different to the ordinary horizontal dropouts.

The Bad: The BB is a wierd size and it is very difficult to get the bearings in, they dont go all the way in and sort of stick out a little bit, still works fine though. The dropouts cause weird chain tension, you can either run it close to snapping and killing your sprocket or quite loose and scratching the frame bit of a pain in the arse but small price to pay for such a good frame. Back end length is kind of wierd for manuals, might just be me though.

Overall: Good frame only £169.99 on highly reccommend it!

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