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Added a product review for Premium Products Plastic Thin Pedals 1/21/2011 1:15 PM

theyre good


The Good: super grippy, theyre sealed

The Bad: nada mucho

Overall: if you buy clear plastic it WILL crack. so stop complaining when it happens. get these in the opaque red or black. they're dank!!!!!!

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Added a product review for S&M L.A.F. Frame 12/22/2010 4:04 PM

one mans trash


The Good: Everything

The Bad: i cant have sex with it

Overall: i bought this frame for 60 dollars and i would have easily paid 100, Sucker!!!!!!!! its the best frame ive ever ridden..i really do enjoy my time on it. it is soo responsive. i love riding it and i love the control

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Added a product review for Colony Colonial V2 Cranks 8/29/2010 12:31 PM

not very strong


The Good: havent seen any

The Bad: crack & break

Overall: seen em break on a 3 foot ledge. hollowbites ftw

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Added a product review for Osiris NYC 83 Shoes 7/1/2010 4:18 PM

theyre alright


The Good: they last long and protect the sides of ur ankles

The Bad: when you pedal fakie they can catch on your crank arms

Overall: theyre allright but i like my vans eras ot circa lopez 5.0 way better

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Added a product review for Alienation Black Sheep Rim 5/21/2010 10:12 AM

did any one actually buy this rim seperate


The Good: its round.

The Bad: its pinned = death

Overall: i think the only reason people had theese rims is because theyre on most complete bikes out there. i gto a balance wheel in less than a week after i bought my trl 3

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Added a product review for ODI Longneck ST Grips 5/19/2010 5:14 PM

some of the best


The Good: Theyre long necks. some of the best most reputable grips out there. and one of the only parts people run because of quality instead of trendyness

The Bad: they dont last forever

Overall: theese grips are tits

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Added a product review for Colony Fantastic Plastic Pedals 4/30/2010 12:55 PM

fantastic palstic


The Good: get the opaque colors (not clear) theyre really strong i've had a few friends break the clear ones then i suggested the opaque ones to some of them and theres no probs with those

The Bad: nothing yet

Overall: theyre fantastic and plastic

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