Added a product review for Cult VANS Grips 7/3/2013 12:07 PM

good grips


The Good: they are really comfy , they don't give blisters and feel amazing. the grips look nice and are a good length. also they don't wear down.

The Bad: when sweaty they loose a lot of grip, they twist and move easily and the bar end isn't the best


i would recommend these grips too someone who does not get sweaty hands and also people who want nice looking comfy grips that last a long time , overall they were a good buy . shame bar ends are not so good

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Added a product review for 2013 WeThePeople Zodiac Bike 7/3/2013 12:00 PM

good bike overall


The Good: the bike is very light, it looks really nice and rides smooth. The sealed bearings are great! The bike feels strong.

The Bad: top load stem but that is opinion, sometimes the bars slip which can be annoying. cranks become loose sometimes but that is not so bad as long as you tighten them before you ride. only other thing is that grips wear easy and are not so comfy.


bike is very good , looks really nice feels strong and light apart from stem i liked everything about it, i would recommend this bike to beginners and people moving on to harder tricks.

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