Added a product review for Eastern Bikes Fuquay Flyer Grips 8/22/2012 10:04 PM

i love them


The Good: almost everything!

The Bad: small hole in bar ends where dirt can get in and not that many colors.

Overall: these grips made my old diamondback feel like a pro bike.

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Added a product review for 2010 Diamondback Viper Bike 8/22/2012 9:11 PM

the diamondback the viper


The Good: tires, handle bars, seat, and grips.

The Bad: cranks, sproket, pedals.

Overall: its a good all around bike and it is one of diamondback's lighter bikes. i just suggest to buy better pedals, a smaller sproket, and new cranks.

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Added a product review for 2013 Diamondback Grind Bike 8/22/2012 8:55 PM

diamondback grind


The Good: tirea, style of the bike, and grips

The Bad: heavy and the rest of the parts

Overall: its not the best beginer bike cus i have it now and i just started out a year ago but already i see how heavy it is so im buying to wtp reason.

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