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My first flyout 360 and 540. I was beyond stoked. I recently did 180-feeble-smith-opposite smith and was really stoked. Most of the time technical stuff doesn't pump me up though.

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I have the stranger crux rim. It hasn't been damaged in any way, but I hate it. I hate it because it has a gigantic sidewall, so it takes me 15 mins to change a tube

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Every mikey tyra edit

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Éclat zap. They seem to be the most durable grip I've ridden so far

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Grind on both sides.

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I don't know why I quoted that my bad

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Every person that will be at the jam was also new at some point just like you. It's ok if you aren't as good as the other riders. I would definitely go. It would be a cool experience and it'll give you the chance to meet some new people.

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I would love to have an edit filmed of me, but I'm too impatient. Every time I get a good clip I just want to post it to instagram haha. Also I don't have a good filmer so why even put together an edit if it's not the best it can be?

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I would get the clutch hub. My friend just got it not that that matters in any way. But it has needle bearings which are the same ones used in dirt bike wheels apparently. So it should be able to take a beating, and it has adjustable slack (externally) ... more »

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I think that Justin care stem is so stupid. There is no advantage to it. Flipped front load stem on the other hand is advantageous if you want to raise your bars a little bit

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Matt Ray. He can ride anything. Insane at street riding. Really good park rider. And does every thing clean

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Put some air in your tires like the person above said, and hopefully you will like the feel of your bike better. And yeah don't stop trying you have the skill. Keep practicing :D

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I have had both of those rims (didn't have any strength problems). The stranger Crux is an absolute pain in the ass. I guess it just has a high side wall, so changing a tire is a struggle for me lol.

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I ride with a helmet, so I have the wire going up through my shirt, then I wrap it around my helmet strap multiple times (near the ear) and then put the ear bud in. That way the weight of the wire isn't pulling the ear buds out. And apple ones don't ... more »

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If you are going to be grinding concrete, then the plastic is gonna be worn down very quickly.

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I have the non pro version and it's holding up great. Mine was like $55 dollars I think so the pro should be $65ish

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I have the blind hub, and there isn't a way to adjust slack (no need to anyway). I have no idea about the clutch being available in Europe, but it looks like an awesome hub!

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My front wheel is a bsd hub laced to an odyssey rim, and my back wheel is an éclat hub laced to a stranger rim. They don't need to match at all!