Added bike check STANDARD STA-L 5/22/2017 9:47 PM
Updated photo album 2017 STA L 5/22/2017 9:35 PM

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Started new thread STRONGER THAN ALL 5/22/2017 9:27 PM

FRAME STA-L BARS - Odyssey Boss Bars GRIPS- Demolition Axes BRAKES- Shadow LEVER- Salt Plus POS CABLES- Colony upper and Kink Lower duels GYRO- Shadow STEM-Shadow Odin SEAT-Shadow Kobza FRONT WHEEL- G Sport Birdcage Laced to Shadow Cymbal REAR WHEEL

... more »

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Added reply in a thread Odyssey Clutch noises 5/22/2017 7:13 PM

I've had the V1 and V2. They both made the same noise when I first started riding it. Almost like it kinda sticks when you stop pedaling and makes a click noise. After the first day I didn't remember hearing it any more. Rode my V1 for over a year with ... more »

Added reply in a thread Strongest team in 2017 5/20/2017 11:03 PM

That's kinda impossible to determine, given each rider has their own unique riding style. Any brands team is gonna kill it in some way shape or form. I would make more sense to ask who you're FAVORITE line up is rather then Strongest.

Added reply in a thread Verde VS Sunday 5/20/2017 10:46 PM

Get the Gary Young special

Added reply in a thread Freeco 5/20/2017 10:45 PM

Odyssey Clutch V2 for sure.

Added reply in a thread Are these cranks spline drive? 5/20/2017 10:41 PM

Any 48 spline spindle can be a spline drive. Any brand cranks can run a splinevdrive sprocket as long as it's 48 spline. You just do need the bolt then.

Added reply in a thread Decently priced back wheel 5/20/2017 10:35 PM

Save your money and get a Odyssey or Gsport

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Who can do em and suggestions

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Added reply in a thread United male supreme freecoaster or WTP helix v2 freecoaster 5/14/2017 10:02 PM

Odyssey Clutch V2

Added reply in a thread Completely mindfucked ... PLZ help 5/14/2017 10:00 PM

Am I being punked.?!

Added reply in a thread I've been doing my fakies wrong!!! 5/14/2017 9:55 PM

I'm goofy footed also. Who really cares as long as you can do the trick. Fun to learn both ways.

Added reply in a thread Are my grips to short? 5/14/2017 9:52 PM

No. I literally just got these grips myself and I'm using them on Odyssey Boss Bars right now.

Added reply in a thread How Harry Main eats his food 5/14/2017 9:49 PM

It's called JET FUEL

Added reply in a thread My half link ruined my sprocket. 5/14/2017 9:46 PM

Get a shadow supreme, BOOM, problem fixed.

Added reply in a thread My Shadow Interlock V2 chain broke 5/13/2017 3:40 PM

I don't know why people have so much trouble with the shadow chains. I've broken a couple but that's because of wear and abuse. Still one of the best chains in my mind. The shadow supreme chain is damn near bullet proof. Thicker plates. Machined plates ... more »

Added reply in a thread My Shadow Interlock V2 chain broke 5/13/2017 2:08 PM

Wierd, I've never really had problems with shadow chains. Just got a Supreme. Bomb proof.

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