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This is what I take. It is a food based supplement. There is a difference between synthetic and food based vitamins. Synthetics typically don't absorb well into the body very well. Stay away from sugar and caffeine, and keep your sodium intake low. Eat

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Looking for bike allowed skateparks around North and South Dakota. I go to the free park in Aberdeen SD usually.

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The color is a lot more impressive in person, pictures don't do it justice. Yeah the Brown Chrome is amazing also.

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My buddy has only been riding this bike for a couple months. He had the wheel trued several times by the local shop not to mention when I rode with him at the park. I reminded me of the STOLEN Revolvers problem haveing to tighten spokes every time you ... more »

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This is my VOLTA, I added a Odyssey Clutch wheel, MADERA Signet sprocket, and KHE Mark Webb tires. Rides Like a dream!

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Here or some better options I would go with.

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I would have disagree, I would go higher up the totem pole. My buddy has this same bike and its shit. I don't know about the FC hit itself but the wheels are garbage. Really weak spokes, snap like twigs. Tires are kinda slippery if you ride ramps. The

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Odyssey or Shadow Ineceptive

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I use DVS shoes with rubber triple stitched toes. And if I can, airbags in the heals. They're nice and sturdy and don't kill my feet on bails. It's hard to find decent shoes nowadays that don't feel like you just wearing a wool sock.

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Mine are 26". I feel like get a tighter control over my bike plus barspins feel nicer.

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The only difference I've noticed, is I need more pads.

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Hey Dave, I was thinking of going to the saint city lock in on May 21st.

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Should give the option once you get to the shipping portion of the check out process. You can also use a promo code to save %10- %15. You can look on for codes. I too hate the new page, they made it way to complicated. The other format ... more »

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Been riding it for a few weeks now. So far I'm loving it. Super easy to adjust the slack on the fly.

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Lock tight, new bolt and spindle. Or you get just get new cranks, 5 years is kinda pushing it.

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Do it. Other wise you'll wish you did afterwords. Just have fun with it. Take Dave Lawrence's advice! Practice a few lines and tricks and bang them out in the comp. You could play it safe with stuff you know you can land for a smooth run and throw a ... more »

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I eventually want to get a Birdcage or 7KA on the front.

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