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Jess is who I have been talking to. I emailed jess again on a Friday and have not heard back yet. But think you might be right on having to call them directly. A month is getting a little ridiculous on waiting for a webstore order. Next time I'll just ... more »

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So I ordered some stuff from Standards online store on the 29th of March. On the 31st I got a email stating that my order has been marked as shipped. So I waited patiently about 4 buisness days as this is the average delivery time by UPS. So I used their ... more »

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I just got 170 Killer Cranks also. Have not had a chance to try them out yet though because I'm waiting on a custom frame order. Your comment just makes me more anxious to just throw them on my current setup and try them out. I just got some shadow cymbal ... more »

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I just got a Birdcage front, pretty sick. I have Odyssey Clutch Stock rear wheel. Great first experience with Freecoaster

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Snafu is pretty OG too. Underrated company in my mind.

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What are some of your favorite parts and why? Like me, I've stuck with Odyssey wheels most of my life because of the sheer strength and light wieght. I love Maxxis tire for their grip and quality. Just got some 2.3 Grifters and I'm in love.

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WTP. If you can afford it go with the Envy or Volta

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20" for sure

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Better tight then too lose. Unless you like doing crank flips.

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Anything full chromoloy

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I think those are all great choices. I've had Javelins and I loved them. I've rode Odyssey most of my life. I'm using Shadow Cymbals now because I wanted the Ignite colorway. If you like Freecoaster I'm running a Clutch right now and it's great.

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Y'all sound like ya just jealous. Seems like a good guy who's made a life for himself.

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Sunday street sweeper

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Bama for sure.

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Return it.

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Adam Lz has a decent video on ramp building. Look him up.

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No. Kind expensive for hi tense steel. There is definitely better available.

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I have a shadow chain breaker, never used anything else.

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So like back in October I landed real hard on my foot and bruised my I think. Now it's January and it's still sore. Had anyone else ever done this or had this problem and how long did it take to heal.

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Could try Faux security cams, that might be enough to deter trespassers.