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The Good: Fatties if youre into that. They look Amazing. Super Grippy. Super Durable. FAST.

The Bad: Pretty Heavy is all.


These tires are Amazing and they look awesome, kinda like a bad ass version of Hawk tires. These tires are definitely worth getting. But, they are a pretty heavy tire and rotational wieght can make a BIG difference in the way your bike feels and controls.

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I literally have been trying to do whips for ten years. I can get the bike all the way around but cant get over it. Maybe some people are just not meant to whip.

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I learned by just doing kick outs at first and turning the bars as far as you can and keep your legs straight. Soon as you get the feeling down then you can start tweaking it a little more to get the bike more up and down.

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Fat tires are gay.

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Tighten that chain up. 300

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Its impossible to build part by part on a 750 budget, even if you buy all the cheapest parts. But you can get a pretty decent Complete for 750. Go to DANSCOMP and make sure you use a promo code. Use 45H1 for 15% OFF! and sign up for there REWARDS.

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HARO 000 or SUNDAY, screw FIT.

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I think this brought BMX back to what its really all about. Its not always about who can "HUCK" the most tricks in 2 min. If anything, I think Daniel should of atleast got 2nd. Drew's run was just a sloppy mess then at the end he was like "you see that ... more »

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Thanks everyone for the serious input so far, I appreciate it. Sounds like the Grifters are favored overall and I dont know to much about the Rizers but I'll have to look into them more.

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Yeah, I rode a Miracle on the rear for almost 3 years, now I keep it as a spare. Its been a great tire, I was a little skeptical at first but loved it. Are Holy Rollers a pretty good all round tire?

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This is very true. He's ran Holy Roller in Front and Grifter in back for years I guess. I wonder how well Holy Rollers would work for park though?

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This is the first Ive heard of these, I like'em.

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Ive have been a fan of Maxxis tires for awhile. Ive had M-Treads and Miracles, both great tires. Ive been looking at the DTH's and Grifters. Wondering how these tires perform? Ride mostly Park and Dirt, light street.

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Just try out someones bike who has them to see if you like it, simple as that.

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Custom order a STANDARD and get whatever GEO you want.

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Nice stuff, I like the tires. It really is sad that certain things in this sport have became so called "trendy" but who really cares, If you like something, go with it. Who honestly cares if something is trendy, as long as theyre having fun riding thats ... more »

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