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Love it (for the money)


The Good: Solid, smooth

The Bad: pedals?, brake pads


I'm re-entering the bmx scene after 15 years. At 6ft, I didn't feel comfortable on a 20", so I did a lot of reading and settled on the Stolen Saint.  There were better bikes, but for my budget, I felt this was the best fit for me.

On initial assembly, I was instantly pleased, it felt like what I remembered 20" bikes to be when I was younger/smaller.  The cranks were like butter and it was a very forgiving bike.  I couldn't wait to get on it every chance I got.  I added a pivotal seat and a 320mm seat tube so I can sit and ride comfortably. 

Now, nearly 2 months later, I am still very pleased, but have a few minor "issues" I'd like to report.  As people had posted on other sites, the brake pads are not extremely grippy, I have a set of Koolstops on order which should solve that problem I hope.  My main gripe is with a creak I am getting when I pedal under tension, specifically when my right foot is on the down stroke of the cycle.  In full disclosure, I have to store my bike outside, additionally, after a long session on a damp dirt track, I used a hose to remove the mud from my bike, and I noticed the creak on subsequent rides.  I tightened my cranks and shot some oil into everything that moved, which significantly lessened the creak, but it remains.  I blame it more on my abuse of the bike than anything, but it is slightly disappointing having this noise after only two months.

All of that aside, I've never owned a bike that I enjoyed more than this.  Simple and very smooth/forgiving for a 2nd time beginner like me.  If I can get the crank squeak settled, I will remain a very happy customer.

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