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Get tires with a higher psi rating

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Ruben, Joe, Aiken, Doyle, Foster and Cordova

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LOVE my spline drives!! I had been running Profiles and a Tree Steel sprocket they were bulletproof I have since upgraded to the FIT Indent 24SD with a Demolition Mugatu Steel sprocket and they are Bomb Proof!! Neither have developed any play between ... more »

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Fun is the main theme here!! I mean that's why we all ride, right?? I think for me it is all about enjoying the ride!! have fun guys!! it's BMX!!

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Backflip?? been riding for a week?? I dont understand

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I always split my bike up into two bags, it has never failed me. if you use the golf bag buy a couple of old clubs and throw those in there and if they ask just sow the clubs!!

Added reply in a thread knee pads 5/18/2016 8:04 AM I have these and they are super comfortable and lightweight. they don't slip, fit under pants and have a hard shell underneath for big impacts. these are no joke and have saved me plenty of times!! ... more »

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Pull up harder on everything!! great for the abbs!!

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Love Mine!! had it for around 5 years now and still going

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2.4 Hawks front and rear and Loving them!!

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I like a little Rasta Vibration while riding or Pennywise!! JBL bluetooth speaker cranked at full volume!! always puts the session in a good mood!!

Added a comment about video Dan Foley - OBX Session 1/27/2016 9:09 AM

I Love that park!! I hit it every Summer on our OBX Trip!!

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15 year old Profile Race cranks-starting to think about changing them out??

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I ride the ATF and my nephew just got the Hucker. Hucker has a slightly taller standover and bullet capped SS and CS they feel very similar so you will be good with either one in my opinion. Solid as a rock and American made, can't go wrong Dude!! Laguna ... more »

Added a comment about video Burrito and The Lightningbolt 12/3/2015 7:42 PM

This is BMX!! FUN times and Good Friends getting their SHRED on!! That's what life is about, right!! If your not inspired after watching this then you will never get it, STOKEAGE on HIGH!!!

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Added reply in a thread east coast parks? 7/30/2015 9:39 AM ... more »

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S&M ATF going on 5 years with no signs of letting up!!

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Matt, I got to see you in action(photo mode) at Fowler Park in Cumming GA, Maiden America Tour,I was trying to get my shred on with the boys so we didn't get to talk much.(short "Hello, how are you) I just wanted you to know that your work is amazing ... more »

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Love mine!! it is holding up really well to all the abuse this 44 year old can dish out!!

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Like Brian!!