Added a product review for 2011 Eastern Bikes Traildigger Bike 8/26/2012 7:41 PM

the bike is a great buy


The Good: the frame is light, durrable and rugged.the front tire is pretty nice stock....the fork is great stock too...i love the new cown pedals too....this bike is also very light

The Bad: the seat definately need to get a pivotal seat and post...the rear tire sucks too, i popped it several times from hitting a curb too hard...another thing u have to buy right off the bat is odi long necks too...i would reccomend going brakeless on this bike too

Overall: you might need to bring it into a local shop to get everything tighened up every now and then...i run this bike pretty much stock ...just a few upgrades like odi longnecks ,going brakeless, an animal glh-r rear tire, and a black label sprocket...looking to invest a little more into it and get fit shiv2 forks,half link chain and animal sway bars

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