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I am new to bmx and there are some good sites like winstanleys and customriders i want to build my bike so where has the cheapest and best stuff? :D

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Frame: wethepeople the chief 2009

Fork: n/a

Headset: n/a

Stem: n/a

Bars: snafu

Grips: n/a

Brake lever: n/a

Front rim: n/a

Front hub:n/a

Front spokes: n/a

Rear rim: n/a

Rear hub: n/a

Seatpost: federal

Seat: macniel pivital

Brakes: n/a

Cables/Housing: n/a

Bottom Bracket:n/a

Cranks: n/a

Pedals: oddessy...more

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Just starting bmx seems like a good site ti be on.i am starting tobuild a bike and should be on more often

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