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we got a bank like that here in lansing behind marcos pizza on ceader and clemins. nobody ever complains about us riding there as long as you keep to your self

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looking for profile cassette hub and a front hub guard

Started new thread profile drivers in a odyssey hub??? 4/2/2012 5:39 AM

someone had told me that you can run a profile driver in a odyssey hub. has anyone done this or know if it is true?

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that 3 to tooth was sick as fuck

Started new thread cult sect v2 fit shiv v2 4/2/2012 5:13 AM

i just bought a set of cult sect v2 and i was wondering if any one could tell me how they stack up against the fit shiv v2?

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looking for profile mini ss front

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i dont think icy hot on the balls is that cool, but that ride looks sold as fuck

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you dont ride the redline any more lol

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i do believe out local pro rides this frame... seems to be doing just fine for him

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i know the pantera forks are not that strong... bent the fuck out of the steer tube on the original pantera forks and the same thing is starting to happen to my pantera 2

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is this dude tho only one who is cool enough to run them... guess im gettin on your level dude... lol

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Any body know if the Fly Pantera Bars are any good? Give me your opinion on them. Dont want to buy them if they are junk

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Added a product review for Shadow Conspiracy Stun Complete Rear Wheels 2/9/2012 5:03 AM

love the loud ass hub


The Good: loudest hub i have ever heard. rim seams to be holding up just fine on my buddy's bike and hes a bigger rider

The Bad: expensive and i dont yet have one

Overall: good and loud hub, rim seams to be strong, and driver and bearings seam to last in it. i would highly recommend this to someone

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since this sight wants to be stupid and not have fly products, please give me some feedback on the fly montana frame? how good really is it?

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Added a product review for Fit HIGHS Handlebars 2/2/2012 5:30 AM

best bars ever


The Good: made by fit, strong as fuck

The Bad: nothing other than you done have them

Overall: bad ass bars. strong as fuck and not to heavy

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id recomend a fit, S&M, or anything made in the usa accept for cult just because there frames are not heat treated, but cult is still a good company. have you tried ordering a sunday from there sight?

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nope... sunday is sunday and odyssey is odyssey. different dropouts, different steer tube height, different weight, ect. the only thing thats the same is the 41 thermal heat treating process.

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other than the seat clamp and cutouts... id say that is a reaper frame