Added reply in a thread Part youve run for the longest uninterrupted amount of time? 2/14/2017 12:16 PM

Nice. Yellow Dice Valve cap since 2006.

Added reply in a thread What parts/trends were around when you started? 12/15/2016 7:16 PM

When i started riding, the trend was to call out liars.

Added reply in a thread my new forks finally 12/13/2016 3:54 PM

If Odyssey was better, why would they need lifetime warranty?

Added reply in a thread I just realized no heat treatment 6/23/2016 3:39 PM

Why would you PWHT your frames causing extra cost when putting weed stickers on your frames sell more than PWHT frames? Weed stickers > PWHT Shout out to adam22. #bmxfu #weederreday

Added reply in a thread Triflow for installing grips? 6/22/2016 7:29 PM

A bit more expensive though. And if you round the allen screw for the lock ons, they're a pain to remove. They'll never throttle if they're wet.

Added reply in a thread School buses and crossing guards 6/22/2016 4:30 PM

A few people here would change their tune if their child get hit and run by someone on a bike while their child was getting off the school bus. And being in MURICA, you'd probably sue the crossing guards, the bus driver, the school, the principal, the ... more »

Added reply in a thread BSD front street pro hub VS BSD front street hub 6/21/2016 5:54 PM

You know it's a good day when OneEye visits the forum just to bump a year old thread.

Added reply in a thread Best inner tube brand? 6/19/2016 3:14 PM

Continental, CST or Maxxis tubes. They all probably get it from the same factory in china or taiwan.

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If you like the "ridden bike" look, i have a scratched up skavenger sticker to sell you. On a serious note... spray the headtube badge black and just before it dries, wipe the paint off, but not very hard. It will give it that vintage look. Or you can ... more »

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I'd like to see Garrett Reynolds ride a fiend complete in competition and win a medal in one. lol Imagine the sales!!!

Added reply in a thread useless post dont look 6/2/2016 3:36 PM

I opened, scroll through the whole post and added my +1.

Added reply in a thread Columbus, OH Dudes 6/2/2016 2:11 PM

Vital admin trying to stop you from getting you the 5k wheelset...

Added reply in a thread Sunday vs Haro 6/2/2016 1:21 PM

My ears perked up when i read Haro on the thread. Always wanted a Haro DV8 or Haro Shredder when i was younger. I wish there was a Haro guy around here just like BlogHogs was to GT.

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Muy Bueno, Señor Quatro.

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When i traveled, customs always ask what's in my bmx box. I tell them it's a children's bike and not a sport equipment. I did fully disassemble my bike into 2 boxes though.

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I'm just here to get my +1. and try out my new signature.

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Ride for fun, not to be a pro.. Don't be a Ben Lorson.

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I had 5tens before, they were super grippy. I rode mtb's so i'm not using my feet to stop. I didn't know they were bought out... i guess Teva is my next mtb shoe.

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Most modern skate shoes are designed for board feel, so the soles are softer and thinner. Pedals and being brakeless is going to chew those soles up. Etnies Brakes are pretty good. They have parts in the sole that is harder in some places.

Added reply in a thread Plastic Pegs with anti spin bolts? 5/15/2016 10:24 PM

I think Stolen has plastic pegs with anti spin bolts.