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Where in the hell is ZAF? and YES, you can ride any bike you like to do tricks on. BUT, there are better bikes to do it on than a race bike. The GT cruiser is a race bike.....

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I cut my vultus bars with a hacksaw. I cut all my bars with a hacksaw. Use a new blade and only cut in one direction. Using a guide can help as well. I have used an old stem as a guide. Works great. Bar width is personal preference, as you know. I like ... more »

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I'm 46. I ride a bmx bike, mtn bike and road bike. I'd rather be on the bmx but at my age I can't always get out to the trails on the bmx. I ride the road bike to try and keep somewhat in shape. The mtn bike is fun too but bmx is the fountain of youth. ... more »

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I thought this was going to be footage of him riding in the 90's. He killed it back then.

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bmxmuseum dot com go there. They'll care more than most folks here...

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The old guys I know that skate mostly just pump bowls. Fully padded up. Nothing wrong with that at all. The old guys I know that still ride bmx mostly ride dirt jumps/trails.

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If the bike you have now works, it's the better bike. If he's happy to ride it and it fits him, let him ride it and keep saving coin for the next bike. Also, you and dad should get bikes too.

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Posting a picture MIGHT help....

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I think the name of those tricks (whiplash / nosepick tailwhip) got messed up from a Dave Mirra video game? A whiplash is a 'rolling on the front wheel' tailwhip. a footjam tailwhip is just that.

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GO. even if you don't ride you'll have fun and meet people.

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But do put grease on the bolts in your stem. But not on the steer tube of your fork.

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Dirt rules. I broke 3 bones in my foot 5 weeks ago.

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top hat spacers SUCK. go with 175's. get off my lawn.

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no. it has no use in bmx.

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keep spraying it with WD-40. let it soak, spray it, let it soak, etc.. I like to use a socket extension or something with a wider head than a screw driver. You will probably fuck up the end of whatever you use so use something you don't care much about. ... more »

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Their last blog update was in June..... I'd avoid.

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I used to ride a 40+ pound bmx bike..... and did every trick that everyone else was doing at the time, for the most part. get lighter pegs if you want, or just keep riding and learning.

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Go faster. If you're afraid of falling wear pads and a helmet, etc. There is nothing we can do to help you gain courage. You just have to ride and falling is part of riding so learn how to fall.

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Colors don't mean shit. If you like it, it's good.

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I think it's BS that he's on the AM team. His riding is 100% at the pro level.