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Dave Osoto , Jason Enns, etc. did those tricks in the mid 90's . PLENTY of folks did bars to fuf. super easy trick when your seat post is as tall as your grips. haha.

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it's fine. i know folks that ride like that.

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start nut is probably slipping.

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it's a classic , vintage redline. It's worth more than $60 to someone. that seat alone, if not cracked is worth more than $60. The stem and bars are worth more than 60, if cleaned up. SOMEONE wants it and will take care of it. But you'll need to put ... more »

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frame looks like a performer. but it could be a Royce Union knock off. head over to bmx museum dot com. they'll know...

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learn 'em on ledges if you have one around you. or benches. Just learn to hop on and stall on the ledge / bench. this will help you to not have to take your foot off. once you get comfy doing stalls on a square edge, the rails will come naturally.

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I was doing 5 foot airs on an 8 foot quarter in '85. Bikes didn't get heavy until the 90's.

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I don't own a scanner and I zero interest in doing so. :/

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I own every Freestylin' and Go magazine. and a BUNCH of BMXA's and Plus! as well as the first few years of Ride until it was sold.

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go to a sports store. get soccer / football pads. They are usually cheaper than bike pads and work well.

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You placed an order but didn't pay them? if so, it will auto cancel. They won't ship parts without being paid first. Business before pleasure.

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keep practicing. And stop thinking stuff is more difficult because it's 'wrong' or whatever. Or start eating dog food until your tears taste like dog food...? lol

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Ride to Glory?

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I'm 46. The arthritis in my hands is so bad that I've not been able to ride my bike for a few months. I simply can not hold onto the bars. I have changed my diet dramatically and have noticed a big change. stay hydrated. I drink a LOT of water and take ... more »

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The cool thing about bmx is, it's not a stupid sport that has rules. If you're happy with what you're doing, keep on keepin' on.

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food is a drug and it nearly killed you.

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be active. stay active. great job!

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the fact that you never listed your instagram linky poo says something... Nothing about those designs says "bmx" to me. (asides from the ones that actually say bmx) I know nothing about the company. Why would I support them? If i saw some rad guys on ... more »

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WHAT BRAKE LEVER DO YOU CURRENTLY HAVE????!!!!!! how can we help you if you don't give us simple and basic information that pertains to your question? the simple answer is, more than likely , your current lever will work. but if you tell us what lever ... more »

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if the vid is online , please post a link.