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Take him the money. He'll be impressed and surprised, I bet. He's trying to make a living. Although, he should have told you up front what it would cost you. But still, you got your bike fixed so you should pay him.

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If the bike worked when you got it, it isn't broken. You just have to center the wheel correctly. Unless you have bent the rim already. If so, tensioners won't fix the issue.

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That guy works for the company, I'm guessing, Dave. Three month old post, his first post on here is telling us how awesome the company is? I call BS on this guy.

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A smaller front sprocket would be easier/cheaper if you want the bike to pedal easier. Your child has short legs (assuming, since he's seven years old), so longer cranks may not fit him as well. But as stated, post a picture of the bike.

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it looks like it hasn't even been ridden. Ride the crap out of it and replace parts as needed.

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get used to crashing....

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^^ do that. also, ride around and jump stuff. jump off curbs. jump off mounds of grass. jump off loading docks.

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Thread lock or thread tape. If it doesn't work you're using the wrong type or not using it correctly.

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The first trick I learned was probably riding with no hands. Then it was a curb endo. Seriously. From an endo you can learn rollbacks.

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Stolen has a 24 inch bike as does Sunday. You may even like a 22 inch bike.

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take the bolts out. take one bolt and put it directly into the threaded side of the stem. (so if you remove the bolt from the right side, insert it into the threads on the left side. once the bolt goes through the threads and you can see it in the slot ... more »

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what forks did you put on the bike? what forks did you take off the bike? what kind of bike? what stem? Take the screws out of the stem and turn them around. put a penny or something inside the slot on the stem so the screw/bolt will spread the stem ... more »

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how much of a vagina are you that you can't carry a bag with the stuff you need?

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put your foot on the peg first. push your bars forward while you take your foot off your pedal. the seat will come up and hit you in the ass and you'll go over the bars. You can spread your legs and jump over the bars to get away from your bike. Eventually, ... more »

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sewing it onto the bike? how you gunna get it off? Or is that velcro I see? Either way, Nice job! I'm in the middle of trying to come up with a piece of art for a new seat myself.

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The older you get the more important it is to stay in shape and limber, if you want to continue to be active. Sucks to hear you have to quit. Maybe build up a 24 or 26 inch bike so you can at least pedal around.

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Clay makes the best trails! And the 'it's hella hard to dig' statement is why people that build trails don't like it when folks that don't dig, show up and ride without putting in work.... As for ramps, the cost is going to depend on the cost of lumber ... more »

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I'm old as fawk and have to wear knee pads every time I ride. I have had a pair of Troy Lee 5400 pads for a few years now. I have a few friends that use them as well. They are small and have a hard cap but the cap is covered with fabric. The pads fit ... more »

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What's wrong with this fork?

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How do you live in the USA and not have insurance? find a SPORTS doctor. chiropractors are quacks. anyone telling you to do hundreds of sit ups without knowing the cause of the pain is an idiot.