Added reply in a thread What is this? 3/23/2017 10:47 PM will be able to tell you what it is. Not what it's worth though. don't ask the value. they don't like that. They'll know what it is though. The wheels are skyway tuff II's or good knock offs of them.

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If you don't want it to break, don't ride it. It's OLD and as stated above, metal fatigues. Get on craigslist or somewhere and buy a bike that fits you , that you can't ride without worry.

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I don't remember if it has an actual name but it's OLD AS FUCK. as in, 1989-90 old. Do it between some benches or planter boxes or something. grab your seat while you do it do an x-up while you do it lots of variations on this foot plant. Look up Eddie ... more »

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it's all personal preference but I have slowly moved up to a 21.125 from a 20 inch top tube frame and I like the way it fits much better. I'm 5'8". I think the bars I'm running on that bike are 8.75 with a top load stem. If you're new (sounds like you ... more »

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I've hit my head not wearing a helmet and I've hit my head wearing a non certified helmet. I can tell you ANY helmet is better than no helmet. I've cracked and broken helmets and was able to walk away (with other body parts being broken but my head intact) ... more »

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Was this one of the cheap stems that sell for under 30 bucks ? Either way, I only trust a few companies when it comes to stems and Eastern isn't one of them. Just looked this up. It's a childs stem. No way would i run that thing on my bike. I just bought ... more »

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Coaster brake hubs used to be standard on freestyle bikes. I ran one for years. They are the reason we have freecoasters today. There are companies that make modern/new coaster brakes but I don't think they come w/ small drivers/gears like a 9 tooth.I ... more »

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well, it's kinda the digging season right now so nothing is really running. They'll run as soon as the sun comes out for a day or two though. You should check 'em out. They're right next to the greenlake skatepark. If you're into dirt it's a good place ... more »

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i do but I cant' upload images cause my phone is too old... :/ do you ever ride the greenlake jumps?

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^^ fully agree except that he's asking about two completely different styles of frames which says he doesn't know what he wants. Instead of spending his hard earned money just to have something new and custom, I would encourage him to continue to ride ... more »

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^ it's the internet, don't let it bug you. What type of riding are you doing or want to do? Make your frame purchase off that. But as mentioned, keep riding the bike you're riding and replace parts as they break. If you're getting into trouble, ride ... more »

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I don't have any bars for you but... Where ya going to be riding trails? Or digging trails.....?

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more details? Seriously, what EXACTLY do you want from us? We need more info if you want help. Or are you simply telling us that you have a good stem that does what it is supposed to do and holds your forks correctly?

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if you don't know what you want. buy the cheapest one.

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flatland park / street dirt / trails freestyle is too vague of a word these days. I like longer frames and lower bottom brackets. Others like the opposite of that.

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I refuse to believe that you JUST learned that today. I learned that beers before noon are amazing. Actually, I already knew that...

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he sold his grips and chain and shoes for drugs.

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welcome back. I'm as old as you or older. What type of riding do you want to do? Bikes have become very specialized, unlike the bikes we had in the 80's. Flatland bikes are really great for just flatland but you wouldn't want to pedal around the 'hood ... more »

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Where is that ? ^

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phil should have gotten shot, not Dime.