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Haro Lineage


The Good: Great construction and attention to detail. $299 is inexpensive. The Chrome is amazing. Great geometry

The Bad: The head tube gusset is polarizing. Old guys love it, young guys aren't sure but everyone agrees it adds strength to the head tube. The weight is higher than most.


I have ridden street, park and vert on my Lineage. While this frame is about a pound more than my last, I don't feel it.  The Lineage builds up to a well balanced ride.  The back end isn't super short so it's not loopy when going fast.  At sub $300, it's a great frame.  The attention to detail is great and when you look at it carefully, you can't see one thing wrong with the quality. 

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This makes me so happy to see TJ riding.

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Retro Condor


The Good: Comes in 2 sizes, beautiful welds and BB machining, went together easily, classic Condor design with modern geometry and tech.

The Bad: Long dropouts aren't friendly for street.

Overall: I got the shorter one but I have also ridden the long version. Frame went together nicely, good balance when riding. Decals under clearcoat which is a bonus on this bike as it is purchased for the looks and heritage. You can set the rear axle extra long for high speed stability. This is a great park or trail bike. The long dropouts will be an issue for a lot of street icepicks. Build and finish quality is fantastic. Can't feel bad about supporting Mat Hoffman. Clean the paint out of the cable guide threading carefully so you don't strip anything. Great bike to ride or just look at!

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All around great ride


The Good: Great geometry on ramps, trails, vert. You know it isn't going to fail because it is a Sunday. Not as twitchy as a forecaster and more lively than a Conductor so it adapts to all types of riding.

The Bad: the only bad thing is if you ride slowly it take a little more work to move it around. Get a Funday or Forecaster. If you want to go fast, the Third wave is your choice.

Overall: I have a lot of bikes and can get what I want. I wanted this frame. All the details that make a frame great are put together in this one. I thought the wave down tube was weird but a couple of missed rails made me realize what a good idea it is. Basic colors are nice if you don't want the crazy flash and let your riding do the talking for you.

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Large size


The Good: I have ridden the large and small. Small frame, go with minimal offset forks, large frame zero offset forks. Clean welds, smooth lines, good geometry for new and old school tricks. I have also ridden ramps and street on this bike. Not flimsy yet not a tank. You can trust it.

The Bad: Stand over height is low so decades take a little getting used to.

Overall: It's a great bike and will stand up to all types of riding.

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tech frame


The Good: Set up for street and then flatland. Good technical geometry. really whippy and light. Big Dave built it so you know the quality is there. The Blue is a great color.

The Bad: full speed trails or skatepark riding was a little loopy due to the short rear end and lower profile.

Overall: Good overall frame but it you are going full speed at stuff, it gets loose so hang on.

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Brilliant riding. Great tricks and flow.

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Safety yellow with black. Nothing better than a bumble bee bike. Leigh is my favorite Eastern rider because he has style, class, roots and is a funny dude. My favorite bike shop is Cyclesonic because they are the bmx headquarters of my area and a block from my house.

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I feel like a proud father! Kick ass riding, Phil

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The Good:

The Bad:

Overall: I work for the company. We don't own this site. All I can say is the bikes have greatly improved in 5 model years.

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