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make me a raw deployer, pleeeeeeeease

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what country are you from? or are you stoned? because i dont have a clue what you are talking about Post edited by: rawbeast, at: 2006/12/04 04:58

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I was more than little sketched out when i went to buy this sprocket. For one thing, im a pretty big guy and this a very small and lite sprocket. Secondly, having just started riding i pop out of feeble grinds pretty frequently, landing straight to the ole sprocket.
So naturally, when i was holding this tiny piece of metal in my hand i was considering buy something a little more heavy duty. Well i ended up buying it and have been stoked on it since. I rode it this whole summer and it is still as straight it was when new.
So if you need a good, lite, strong and reasonably priced (i think i paid 30 bills) sprocket, hit it up.

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