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My list (and I'm sure most of us here) stretches for wayyy longer than this, but if I had to name a few... - Rob Armour - Kyle Baldock - Drew Bezanson - Nick Bruce - Kriss Kyle - Jay Dalton - Ola Selsjord There are simply too many to like.

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Well, parts break. That's the only explanation, no matter how good or bad of a reputation a brand has.

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I swear, if this bike didn't have barends. XD

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One thing to point out, you're talking two completely different setups here for bike feel.

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Color means nothing. Just don't overdo the oil slick. XD

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Ensure your rim and/or tire has NO sharp bits or debris in it.

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My setup is around 23.8 LBS. I hopped on my friends 29-pounder and it was definitely noticeable, but just work harder. You'll grow used to it.

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Sealed bearings. Run a hub guard.

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Yeah, with bolts and the little bits, it's not a huge deal. Just be sure to replace screw/hex heads when the rust looks a bit overwhelming. You definitely don't want to strip anything!

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Yes, as long as you have the right setup, you'll be fine.

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Wear a helmet, don't let others influence you the wrong way, be ambitious, but don't push your limits over the top when learning tricks. Find your own riding style. See what your local scene is like, find a few solid riders to session with. BMX isn't ... more »

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Anything above 50 PSI and you're good. Just find that "sweet spot" that you like best. Lower PSI ratings tend to make the bike handle real sluggish. Plus, flat tires become more common with low pressure ratings. That being said, I run around 70-75 PSI. ... more »

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Dude, this is my one of my favorite videos in BMX! Daniel's a legend, hahah. I run 20.5" and I'll be on it for a long time. Short, but not too small. I love it! Ride park like 90% of the time. #WashedUp

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We've talked about this numerous occasions by now, haven't we, Dan? :D But yes, I gotta agree that the 900 is definitely the better way to go, especially when its price range is taken into account. For around $200.00, you're getting 100% ChroMoly parts, ... more »

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Bam. Here's your answer, CHEW. I do wallrides my "unnatural" side naturally, according to the BMX community standards. But let's think about this for a moment. At what point does that make any logical sense? If my natural side is right, then it is so. ... more »

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Buddy of mine went to the CULT Jam when AK, Keep, Hawk, and a few others came down to O'ahu, brought his old frame there, got their signatures, then hung it up in his home. Of course, I'm not telling you to get it signed (which would be rad), but I think ... more »

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Guys... I can't even right now. XD

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Exactly. Every rim needs that strip there, but you don't exactly need an actual rimstrip made specifically for the job.