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I couldn't find it three years ago when I had discovered this feature about it when looking to buy a gyro, so I've had a Stolen gyro ever since. Doubt it's easy to find now, but I wish this was still around.

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No way! Just installed a slim version of the Safari on my park beast, haha! I fancied a change as well. I love the look of all black and the seat, I say yay.

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I agree with Sean, this frame looks sweet. Tom kills it as well. But, I also second what p1p is saying. If you're on a budget, buy a frame, then take time to paint it well. If you're re interested, BSD has an awesome line of stainless metal parts, like

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Yes, ensure the "x-pattern" tightening is done well. For me, I sand off the paint of the kneeling, like GC said with the bars slipping. I don't think new bars are needed, it's just that your bike (I guess the stem, for the most part right now) isn't ... more »

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Wait a second! This is the video that got me interested in street near the beginning of my bike life. Now that I look back on it, I really wish more people were riding cassette.

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*Internal screeching.*

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I would totally be interested in running a 26-tooth. It probably won't be super significant, but I feel like it's a perfect medium between the 25 and 27 sprockets. As a massive fan of dialing on my setup 100%, I like it a lot! Especially with the possibility ... more »

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Some of my favorites: BSD - Transmission, Undercover I & II, Kaleidoscope, Ascent Bas Keep - Walls, Quarter Master CULT - Eyeland Trip (Only because I live here and got to see them ride, haha.) Anything Kyle Baldock Anything Tristan Aarts

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Yup, I Second what these two above have mentioned. Also, there's a "Park" version that Fit sells as well, not just the "Trail" or "Street" completes.

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I just KNEW you'd say something along the lines of this, haha.

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Funny thing you made this Thread, I was just about to start my own on this issue. A little under a month ago, I began a "BMX Experiment" project where I took my brakes off and added pegs by choice in search of a new setup and a fresh outlook on BMX as

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Keep dropping in and keep riding! That is all. If there are other riders at your local that can do the stuff you want to learn, learn from them. At the end of the day, practice is key!

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Yeah, I second the 20.5" sizing. While most of this BMX geometry stuff is personal preference, everyone grows more and more accustomed to their setup the more it's ridden, regardless of what type of ridding you put your bike through.

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Well, I guess if you're a heavy grinder, it's a good idea to run one so the ledges and rails don't steel your chain from you.

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It's just a little above four hours until the official re-launch of DaveMirra.COM today. I can't wait to read what's on there now and I'm sure many of you know this already, but just in case you don't...

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It's sort of just "whatever" when it comes to stance. When people remark if you're goofy or regular, it doesn't really matter, anyways. Your natural way is the way that feels best to ride. Just ride that way! :D I've been riding for around four years

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Super great edit here, man! Thouroughly enjoyed these clips, real dialed! Thanks for not using rap, I hate it, hate it.

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Yuuuup, for sure, lol! I dunno, it was hard to go back lower and I find these real comfy now that I've grown used to them and myself not hunching over. Beginning to like them a lot more!

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Definitely made me wary of surroundings more, that's for sure! Finally learned decent 270's with the lack of a brake, haha.

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Awesome, man! Super clean and dialed riding you got there! :D