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I recommend a 24" wheel size. I used to run a Specialized P.24 Dirt Jumper before I got into BMX. Wonderful bike!

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Love these kinds of edits. Very concise and lots of effort into making things look good. :D

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I assemble them like this: 1. Slide the peg (and ONLY the peg) onto my axle so it fits snug against the dropout, like all pegs should. 2. Slide the lock washer (not the regular washer) into the peg, so now, there is only the peg and the lock washer inside ... more »

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Yup. Usually, a setup never has a PERFECTLY aligned chain setup anyways.

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Yeah, they aren't necessary (I assume you mean regular washers), but I went to my local hardware store and got actual lock washers to keep my wheels from moving when grinding. They work like a dream, I never misalign my wheels when I run pegs and lock ... more »

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Looks sick! Design is great. Just curious, how do you hold your grips? XD

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I assume chocolate is front... ?

I'm left foot forwards.
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I love Kriss Kyle's Passenger models, that is all in my OPINION. I agree with personal preference.

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Try living in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Rain all year-round, every year, haha! But I guess it's not the worst, I imagine it sucks to not ride for a prolonged amount of time.

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It's slowly dying off where I live. Well, considering I literally live in the middle of nowhere (O'ahu, Hawai'i), haha! There used to be a lot, maybe a solid 3-4 buddies riding every session. I think it was around that time that I decided to get into ... more »

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Lookin' good, man!

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I'd say anything within the red-orange color spectrum will work well. A buddy of mine ran clear Odyssey pads on his chrome rim, and boy did it eat those pads up! I soon got some orange ones that I ran for a while on my raw rim and they worked wonderfully. ... more »

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Hello, famalam.

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I run my lever on the right, spin my bars to the right, and I haven't figured out what way I spin better, lol. While the closest to a barspin I've ever gotten as of now is a pull-up bar, the lever has never gotten in the way. I catch with left, so my

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Hey, I just bought S&M Perfect 10 bars. To me, I find this taller bar setup is REALLY helping me dial in manuals. Before, when I had my 8.5" inchers, I could manual fine, but I never had the control of turning in manuals and doing those slight correction

... more »
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Strange... Wonder if there's a specific frame model for the crankset and/or spindle? Maybe reserved for only United? Either way, that's weird... Or just because they just sent the wrong bolt, haha. That sucks, hope you're back on the bike soon!

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While you may have something to add to this thread, it's from 2013. Just as a friendly reminder, please don't "revive" older threads that don't necessarily need to be brought back. Thanks!

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Try Felt Bikes...

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