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That's interesting. Had no idea Webbie had that color in the works. Is that just for teaser purposes, or is the whole frame/fork/bar gonna be colored? Anyways, the thing that gets me is how incredibly busy the color looks on Harry's. The cranks, stem, ... more »

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Left-hand-drive is indifferent to right. It's like setting up a brake lever on the right or left, there is no better one, just preference. You'll need to run your sprocket on the left, though. I've actually been riding Blacksheep rims for years now. ... more »

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I say nah. I liked a lot of the other colorways, but this seems out of hand. Maybe if the only splatter was the frame/fork/bar with all black parts, but I just laughed internally when I saw this.

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Funniest I've seen was when a friend hopped on my bike a few years back when I ran both brakes. He didn't ride bikes at all. He didn't know which lever worked the back brakes, either. Long story short, I was riding a few feet away on his MTB and heard ... more »

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I dream of this.

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Haven't gotten to watching much of the footage, but I have seen Colton Walker's park runs and boy do I love the way he rides! I've also really been enjoying the X Games videos over on Cranmer's YouTube. That's pretty much the only actual other footage ... more »

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Let's just call it a front peg grind... ?

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Yeah, it's got to get worn in. It might make a "click" sound as well when you go to pedal just because it's new. It'll go away after a few more rides.

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"Tennis balls are effective." (Fair enough, down to a super-scientific level, it may, but c'mon.)

Updated bike check HYDRO-FOAM 7/15/2017 11:01 PM
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It's been a long time with zero changes to the setup and I'm still feeling amped on it after every ride. I think I've found the perfect setup... for now, haha!

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Fufanu on a 6-foot no-coping quarter that is quite slippery so I never commit to the deck tip, haha.

Weak toboggan, so I guess it's a seat grab over the pyramid box. I had a whole bunch of other brake tricks I wanted to snap, but ... more »
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You'll be fine, but if it lasts you a few years, it won't be a bad idea to upgrade to a 100% chromoly frame then.

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Harry left Custom around the same time he left Hyper a little over a year ago.

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I'm a huge fan of Sunday's Freeze stem. Half the price of the others and holds up superb.

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True, and it's a healthy competitive, but it's another thing to be cocky about it.

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I'm the last local on a bike at my home park, so luckily I don't have to deal with this, haha. Downside of this, though, I'm the only one and it gets boring... heh. Even when others did ride, we all supported each other and it was more of a "one up to ... more »

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I believe that this video was made to mock Mafia as a whole, not the particular frame. For one, Mafia is ONLY selling direct, leaving bike shops completely out of the picture. Usually, people like to support their LBS, but Mafia can't help with that. ... more »

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Makes me wonder if that shop knows how to install barends... That's just terrible, really. Glad things are starting to work out for better, though.

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Nearly everybody has a social media account, but what happens when a rider joins and doesn't have any? No pay? Forced to make an account?