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What may help is trying to shave off the paint on the inside of the stem where the bar sits.

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It's just not the greatest model, that's all. You sure the headset is working fine?

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I guess it's more of HOW you hold your bars. You could run 29.5" width bars and hold your hands in, say 26" width of your actual hand grip. Maybe you run 27" bars and hold them a bit more outwards resulting in a 26" width grip as well. At this point, ... more »

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All personal preference.

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I highly support this.

Updated bike check KINK PARK BUILD 9/22/2016 8:59 PM
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This is also TRU. Very, very TRU.

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I can't say much for brands with durable cassette hubs (I rarely run pegs/guards), but I definitely recommend solid male axles. I ride with street riders 95% of the time. there aren't many "park" parks around here in Hawai'i. I'm a pegless rider with ... more »

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You aren't payed by Subscriber count, it's a common misconception. You're payed by AdSense from monetized videos. You could have a million Subscribers with loads of views, but without monetization or AdSense on your videos, you've got no pay. Like you ... more »

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If you're doing YouTube for Subscribers, you're doing YouTube for the wrong reasons.

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Indeed, Slim-By-Four pads for life! Been running the same pair for 2 years now. Quality brake pads!

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It's an overrated trick that somehow never gets old. Got them halfway then became overly frustrated with them. I felt inclined to learn them since I run a gyro, but it rubbed off on me and I haven't gone back to trying to learn them since. Then there's ... more »

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Give this man an award.

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Bringing up old Forum Threads from past years is frowned upon on Vital. It's just the way it is.

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I second Steve's post. The Mongoose Mode 900 is 100% CroMo metal and has all the "good stuff" a BMX bike should have. Get that one.

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You're overthinking this again. Have you even started riding yet?

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The biggest I'll ever ride is 2.30" tires. I liked them for street, but now that I've transitioned to mostly park, I run 1.95" tires, but they're around 2.10" inflated. I love them. Perfect for nibbles in the streets and super twitchy and fast.

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Everyone has different experiences with different parts. It's invalid to call the Primo coaster the best coaster.