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Yeah, pretty sure that someone out there in the world can!

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It's super neat to see this. There is still hope in the world.

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10/10, bro! This is one of the most solid set-ups I've seen to date.

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Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe a frame has 6 "tubes" that makes a frame a frame. Headtube, toptube, bottom tube, seat tube, and the two in the rear that make up the chainstay. My best guess if the frame isn't FULL chromoly, it's the headtube. ... more »

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I think what they're trying to get across is that Colony (Or another brand that sells quality completes) has/have real good complete bikes, and, in the long run, it will last longer. Not to mention you're getting a SOLID complete bike to begin building ... more »

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Goodness... Double backflip to footjam to tooth chinger in? XD

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Yuuup! Technically, it's never too late to start. Not just BMX, but lots of things. Try new stuff, we'll help you out! :D

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Schizophrenia much? This hub is awesome! The engagement is unreal and it rides so smooth! This hub sucks, I hate how it skips on the driver! This hub is great, actually. Just fixed everything and I absolutely love this hub, zero complaints! (Joking, ... more »

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Maybe an SST derivative brand?

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I have Odyssey R32 forks. I'm not doing crazy stuff like huge gaps and drops, but these forks are quality-made and reviews are positive. I love them very much, been running one for 3 years now and no dents or signs of cracking. I ride mostly park but ... more »

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Oh, okay. Thanks for the information!

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Didn't even know it was down.

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My friend's Freemix did this, he never got to fixing it and just bought a new one, so I don't know exactly what the problem was, but I assume it's something with the disengagement system in the hub. Maybe just disassemble and rebuild?

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Good question, now I know why I needed to see this!

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I'd say give it a good half crank just to be 100% sure it disengages before attempting a fakie trick. Maybe like start off with your opposite foot forwards whole rolling up then swap your feet with a back pedal. I too realized that the slack I have (About ... more »

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This bike's already legit as heck. I'd say maybe if your brakes aren't working "snappy" enough and not feeling like a responsive pull, grab some Odyssey brake pads, the clear ones. It has been sitting around for a year, right?