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Love this frame!


The Good: The frames geometry is great! The feel of the bike is just solid. I love the chain stay size because when I tighten my chain I put the peg on so the bolt of the peg is inside the dropout and all I need to do is tighten the peg side first then the chain aoutmaticly tightens up to a prefect tightness but besides that I love the frame the bottom tube looks great and I get a strong feeling from the ovalized part near the bottom bracket. It's a strong frame and I definitly recommend it

The Bad: The only bad thing I can say about this frame is the burgundy color looks terrible I thought at first I would like it and I did but when it's in the sun it gets a musty brownish look to it and its just terrible


Get the frame you won't regret it just watch out for the burgundy color

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The Good: The only good thing I got out of this part kit that I still use to this day is the cinema 777 rims which I like alot! Their very nice. The front femail hub. The stem. The bars. And the seat.

The Bad: First off I bought this about 24 weeks ago (that's what my Instagram says) I was happy at first with all the nice nice parts I got for the low price. But not that long after I started having problems. The rear casset hub locked up on my and my rear wheel would not spin at all so I replaced it. Then after that my cranks started to wiggle and it wasn't because the bolts were loose I had tried to fix it but couldn't so I replaced it. But the thing that really made me mad about buying this was when I was riding home one day and I hopped over a small gap and I barly even hopped too and in the middle of hopping my fork (the steer tube) snapped off and my bars (still attached to the stem) slammed down on the frame and dented it. So I had to replace the forks too. The other little problems were mostly things like the grips not lasting or not being able to get a hub guard to fit the front hub properly. And the sprocket teeth bent. The chain is weak. And the tired have no grip when you lean into a turn


The only thing I can say about this is, if you want to spend $500 on a front wheel, a seat, a stem, a rim, inner tubes, and bars then get this otherwise buy all the parts sepretly and don't take the cheap way out like I did because you willsurely regret it

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Amazing fork!


The Good: I love these forks! These forks feel realy strong! The tapered legs look great and leave some room for your foot if you do hang fives. I was at first nervous to get the 23mm offset but the second I got on my bike It felt great. Responsive steering and it makes it easy for hang fives and nose manuals. The paint on these forks is really clean and smooth I was amazed by how shiny and smooth the black paint was. The compression cap looks great also I love seeing the "&" logo on to of my stem. I am very happy I got these forks and I 100% recommend them!

The Bad: There is not one bad thing to say about these forks


I am extremely happy with these forks! & knows how to make good forks. Deffinitly get them

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