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Please don't take this the wrong way, but do you ever feel guilty for being paid to have fun on bicycles, or feel as if you may have been put on this earth to do something more meaningful (ie- doctor,architect, scientist, etc)?

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This is where my point comes in for the home run. You thought I cooked up a special Ben Hucke-geared peacock strut and showed the zit-laden world who was boss because I made eye contact with you.(nevermind the fact that I did the same trick many nights ... more »

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Evidently, I got underneath your skin one night at Vans in Orlando because I happened to be trying a nose manual on the same obstacle as you,(a trick I often did anyways) and you felt that you had the copyright to that trick. So you fervently pulled ... more »

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A wise man once said "There's no disclaimer stating that this thing is for nine-year-olds."


The Good: It weighs as much as a bag of coke. (the bad kind)

The Bad: Did the review title go over your head?

Overall: If you weigh 80 pounds soaking wet, go for it. But if you enjoy the potato chips and beer-battered cheese sticks while not exactly epitomizing finesse on a bicycle, you might want to take a rain check of the permanent type.

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Vandero 2 front hub review


The Good: Everything

The Bad: It isn't listed on the site for reviews.

Overall: It's Odyssey,which is a synonym for " better than the other companies". Super strong but light female axle hub which rolls like a charm and won't let you down. Mine has been handed down to me from a rider who had it for a long time and put it through tons of abuse,and I've had it for about a year afterwards (I'm a street rider). It still rolls perfectly and I see no reason to switch it for anything else. Get it and be happy.

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Good for a short period of time


The Good: They have a great feel as far as platform size is concerned. They fit nicely under my feet (size 12),and make spotting and catching easy. Good amount of grip,especially with the knurling. They look great and are obviously light.

The Bad: Not the strongest pc pedals out there. Odyssey Twisted pedals have proven to be much more durable. The Ravager PCs both split across the axle for me,although I ride street,and I do alot to flat.

Overall: Pretty good for a short period of time,but I would recommend Odyssey Twisted pedals instead,if you're looking for a good,sturdy PC pedal.

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Just save your money and buy something better.


The Good: The price,the weight

The Bad: You get what you pay for...the forged aluminum cannot compete with CNC'd aluminum,and is much softer and more easily broken or bent. The teeth do gradually sharpen as the previous review says.

Overall: If you just need an emergency fix or temporary solution,this sprocket is fine for the job. But if you're looking for something to stay for the long haul,then just endure the pain of your money burning a hole in your pocket and save up for something worth while.

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For 26 dollars, it's the most bang for the buck.


The Good: price,durability,looks

The Bad: Probably not as fast as others (like FAFs)...Needs to be available in larger sizes. If you're into big tires,these aren't exactly the pinnacle of girth.

Overall: A good and cheap alternative to the high-end versions (Fly Rubens)...last pretty well,even on gritty,rough terrain. The 2.20 versions aren't as big as I would like,but I've gotten over it. If you can too,then go for it. They are fairly slow unless you use a lot of air pressure (85 psi and up). It's 26 dollars....don't overthink it.

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Ehh...weigh the options first.


The Good: Looks,weight,speed effectiveness

The Bad: Durability

Overall: As the name states (indirectly), they are very fast tires with high PSI. They look good,but do not withstand sudden momentum changes very well (the rotation switch as the result of a 180 for example...which is ironic because Fit is predominately a street-focused company),unless it's on a slick surface. If you don't do many 180s or drag/slide your tire on roll-outs, they are pretty decent.

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Good N' Cheap


The Good: Looks,weight,price.....once inflated,the overall diameter makes them seem like a 2.35,if not, a 2.3 easily.

The Bad: Has very thin sidewalls, which rip open pretty easily. (one of the keys to its light weight)

Overall: Just consider your riding style and what you're into as far as disciplines go. If you grind ledges often,then you should probably take a rain check on these. As most people keep saying,they tend to slip badly on certain surfaces. Another thing to keep in mind is that the inflation diameter of the 2.25 version is much bigger than 2.25 (probably close to 2.35....they are massive and are a tight squeeze on some forks- i.e. Fly Tierra forks).

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Great for selective grinders.


The Good: They're splendid if you're a rail buff and they weigh about as much as the average booger.

The Bad: Not so great for concrete unless it's caked with wax. Not sure if they're even on the market still.

Overall: If you're a choosy grinder,they can last forever.

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Think before you buy.


The Good: Very light weight,and works very well if you primarily slide rails and well-waxed ledges.

The Bad: Doesn't slide well on all ledges.(must be very waxed)

Overall: When it comes to versatility, these can't compete with steel pegs. But if you stick with rails and iron or marble ledges,etc...they will last forever. They are incredibly light-weight. It almost makes me laugh to hold it in my hand and compare it to a steel peg. If you are a selective grinder,they are a worthy purchase.

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A blunder of massive proportions.


The Good: About as much as the Pope

The Bad: About as much as the Pope

Overall: Ok...if you're thinking about spending dollars of money on this,then I have a better suggestion for you. Go to Radio Shack and buy the most expensive sound system available. Then find the deafest guy your wandering eyes can spot and give this newly-purchased sound system to that person as a gift. Doing this will render your squandering of finances to be at least a charitable ordeal,and you'll get a tax-break as well....assuming that you're into that consolation stuff. In a less poetic version- this hub guard will annihilate your axle with its "ingenious" grub screw design and ultimately force you to buy a new axle or a new hub- you make the choice. You can't say I didn't warn you in a beat-around-the-metaphorical bush sort of way. 1 star is generous.

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The right choice


The Good: Everything

The Bad: It's a little on the large side and doesn't really make a bike look fabulous,but no biggie.

Overall: You buy this and you won't ever need another hub guard again.(unless you toss it in a woodchipper,or strap it to Jodie Foster's personality)

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Think before you buy.


The Good: The price and looks

The Bad: I wouldn't recommend it for anyone besides very smooth park riders,and maybe trails riders. Ideal for smaller riders (90-120 lbs). NOT for street riders,regardless of how smooth you are. It's a soft rim,and the spokes pull through it very easily.

Overall: Yes it's cheap and looks great, but consider your weight,discipline and riding abilities before you buy it. If you ride street, I don't think it would be a wise purchase.

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Do yourself a favor and buy it.


The Good: Everything-looks,strength,weight

The Bad: Steer tube clamp starts to pinch after a while,but hasn't caused a problem.

Overall: Very well designed and high quality stem which beats everything else I've tried. It has a higher stack height than most TL stems. I run the DLT with full-length steer tube and 8.5 bars,and my setup is perfect for my height(6 ft). If you're tired of hunching over your bike and getting back cramps,this is a step in the right direction. The bolts are super strong too and don't strip out like others I've had. I've been using it for 2 years now and not a single problem.

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Incredible handlebars


The Good: Everything...the design,the looks,the strength,the geometry

The Bad: Nothing whatsoever

Overall: The teardrop crossbar is a unique feature which I like very much. I've been riding these for 3 years and still going strong. I'm 6 feet tall and about 160 lbs and the 8.5 version is the perfect ratio of comfort,weight, and function for me. I'm into nose tricks and they make tipping the bike forward very easy and 28" is the perfect width for stability yet doesn't affect barspins. These are also very light which is an added bonus. The geometry is a bit different from most bars. There's a pretty good amount of upsweep, which I like since I'm pretty tall. And there's not much backsweep which is whatever...I guess you can get used to anything after enough time. I love them and wouldn't trade them for anything,even after 3 years of abuse.

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Don't do it unless you really hate your money. Dish it out for a Profile.


The Good: The looks are the only positive thing I can highlight.

The Bad: Everything else. I bought the male axle version and one of the bearings blew out right after I put it on my bike and did a 180 on flat. The axle canal of the driver eroded and the drive-side hardware managed to grind the driver's washer down to a nub,causing the driver to severely shift back and forth. I also bought the Colony hub guard and the grub screw on the guard is designed to screw down on top of the axle's threads,meaning that if the guard shifts even a little, it will destroy the axle's threads.(which is what happened.) Eventually it got to the point where tightening my wheel onto the frame would shove the hub guard down the axle ,which stripped the guard's threads entirely,making it completely useless and I had to force-thread the non-drive side cone(which is replaced by the guard) onto the axle which had been ruined. The axle itself is a weak material and bent very easily,eventually snapping on a mishap which was nowhere near bad enough for it to make sense. The alloy axle nuts are soft and easily cross-threaded.

Overall: Basically I can't (for the life of me) figure out why Colony thinks so highly of themselves to charge such outrageous prices for products that aren't even domestic,much less quality inspired. Bottom line- buy a Profile and call it a decade,because it will probably last that long.

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Added a product review for Fit Eddie V3 Frame 8/18/2011 3:28 AM

Well worth the money.


The Good: Everything- The bottom bracket height is a little higher than usual, (11.8) but I had the Eddie V1,so I'm used to it. The Trans Orange colorway gets me nothing but compliments. The rear triangle has a very slender,chic appearance,and the dropouts accept pegs. The frame is solid as a tank,but very light.

The Bad: I rarely see new footage of Eddie Cleveland riding this,or any other frame.

Overall: If for no other reason,the trans orange color alone is worth the purchase. I got asked on my first date the day I bought it. The date didn't go very well,and that was clear right after I met her and found out that she's an active member of P.E.T.A.,and I personally love nothing more than plowing into a thick,juicy 12oz sirloin next to a side of bacon-wrapped potato wedges. She proceeded to lament to me the plight of her younger brother who has acute sarcoidosis,which needless to say was poignant,albeit less interesting than the sauce stuck on the wall behind her. We never saw each other again,but I continued to enjoy my Eddie V3 frame. You can too,with one easy payment of the price on your screen.

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The Mike Miller 2009 Proper Bike Co Edit (The song,combined with his style and versatility makes this one more timeless.)