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love the socially awkward guy just giving him a little jiggle with his foot

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Lodem v2 Reveiw


The Good: This frame is the Bees knees if you want a low twitchy frame. You can fling this thing around any which way and it'll conform, I really recomend it for any rider who enjoys whips spins and tech.

The Bad: it's low so if you're coming from a bike with a big stand over you'll probably get some over rotation on whips and spins to start with but then again minimal effort is needed when you actually get used to it.

Overall: Very good frame has held up for me for about a year now and I do tend to go through parts, whips and spins are just nothing with this frame, if you want an idea of how low it is then with the seat slammed the back tyre will be higher than the seat, it'll take a bit of getting used to if you have come from a more "conventional" framegeometry but i highly recommend for any park orientated rider.

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I hope that was staged.. if not my respect for him has dropped astronomically

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