Total BMX Hangover + WTP Patron 7

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Parts Brand Model Additional info
Frame Total BMX Hangover 20.6
Fork WeThePeople Patron 25mm
Handlebars BSD Passenger 8.75
Bar ends Odyssey
Grips Odyssey BOSS
Headset Total BMX
Cranks Salt Plus 48H
Bottom bracket Other BSD
Sprocket Total BMX Rock N Roll 25T
Chain Cult 510
Pedals Eclat Slash
Seat Total BMX Black Jack Combo
Front rim Dartmoor Raider
Rear rim Dartmoor Raider
Front hub Total BMX Tech
Rear hub Primo Remix 9T LHD
Front tire Demolition Momentum 2.35
Rear tire Demolition Momentum 2.35
General Info
Model Year 2016
Weight 22 lb 0.7 oz (10000 g)
  • aussiebmxer

    1/28/2016 3:14 PM

    im sure theres other people wandering how its standing?

  • readybmxer

    3/4/2016 12:16 AM

    Yup. Read my mind!

  • dej

    1/13/2015 4:00 PM

    im looking at the isla is it worth the money?

  • shifty12

    2/11/2015 12:15 PM

    I feel very well on it , I think it is worth the price

  • Philip_Pajerski

    7/6/2014 7:23 AM

    how does having two 2.35 momentums feel? im thinking about getting some soon

  • shifty12

    7/6/2014 12:35 PM

    I have them a couple of days, rides very well

  • Philip_Pajerski

    7/6/2014 12:46 PM

    ok cool, thanks