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I honestly didn't even know they had different peg length. I just bought whatever was cheapest or got em for free. lol

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that's fucking awesome. my friends dad used to play and chill with tons of punk bands coming through buffalo. they all used to stay at his place. that's the closest thing I got to that lol

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only thing you really gotta worry about with tires is if they'll fit in your frame. all 20 tubes are basically the same. and tires just come down to like grip and rolling resistance

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werd. ill be a lil bit older that outta highschool if I end up goin for it. but yeah. still good to know

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werd. I was supposed to ride cross state with friends a couple years ago. but when it came down to it they all bailed. idk. ive driven around a bunch of states. i actually did a few years ago and met up with a person off vital (the other ones bailed) ... more »

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ride at your own pace. stand up to em, and if they don't stop being pricks tell em to glob your knob. though it is nice to get a lil push every now and again to step out of your comfort zone.

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this. 6 piece were my favorite lookin weird bars *edit and of course right after I post this I see you posted some ahah

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this is the first time ive heard of em. i don't even really know what to think about it. i mean, i get the point. and its kinda neat that people are doing something new. but idk

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im pretty much like this. I hold inside of the grip up against the flange regardless of bar size.

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anyone ever hitchhike, ride trains, rubbertramp, or like bicycle touring. or just spare time travel type stuff

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thanks for the heads up didn't end up making it. the chick that was supposed to go/fund a bunch of it bailed last second. but ill keep it in mind if I make my way there at some point

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I was thinking bout doing military at some point. how does one go about being a ghost? just curious

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this made me decide to bump my bucket list post. granted that ones only like 2 years old. but still. maybe I can get new ideas lol

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forgot about this thread. anyone else got any ideas to add onto it?

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I think its a pretty cool idea to have everything laid out that you can scroll through. and that its all separated by difficulty and whatnot... ive seen on here and in person people asking what they should learn next and its kinda cool theres a lil guideline ... more »

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check to see if you got any bent teeth on your sprocket, see if its lined up with your cassette. lube your chain and bearings. hopefully its something extra simple like that

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that is a fucking badass story. I fucking wisshhhhh I had an experience like that

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literally the only thing you can do. or maybe go to an lbs that does business with them and see if they have em.

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sooooo fucking fast. had the same layout forever. but that bike got stolen unfortunately

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pretty much just friends pushing and wanting to have good times. occasionally id just go out in a really riding i wanna try stuff kinda mood. but its mainly been friends just pushin me that lil bit