Added a product review for Shadow Conspiracy Interlock v2 Chain 2/2/2013 5:40 PM

its ok buy it


The Good: colors looks sick kinda strong

The Bad: ive been threw 3 in three years


id get it the v1 were way stronger

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Added a comment about news blog Alienation Rim Upgrade Deal 1/26/2013 3:02 PM

does it halce to be a complete casue my alination wheel is cracking

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Added a comment about video Sunday afternoon 1/26/2013 2:36 PM

you suck so bad

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ok your stupid there 114 dollers i can fit demo in it

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your seat and post it missig

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Added a product review for Demolition Revolt Cranks 1/14/2013 8:46 PM

these are the best!!!!!!


The Good: strong light and super cool design

The Bad: not the best for crank arms but i make it work


buy them they wont brake there the best cranks out there in my opinion

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