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Back around then (2007/2008 I think were the only years) Eastern for some reason used a different sized integrated headset... I believe they were 36x45 degree instead of the traditional 45x45, but I'm not certain on the number

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-900 The Come Up Facebook group is this way. if you want to have your bike "rated" then post it in the bike checks section along with a full parts list and photos you took and not off Google

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Either hub would fine, both have 6902 bearings with a chromoly center axle & chromoly bolts, so they'll hold up to hard street riding. I was actually going to get the Merritt one awhile back but ended up not getting it cause it wouldn't fit my Daily ... more »

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They accepted you because they knew you'd buy stuff from them. You don't even have to be able to bunnyhop to get accepted by them, you just have to be willing to buy their ugly ass clothing that looks like they outsourced to high school graphics design ... more »

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Allegedly, yes. I've heard that about their aftermarket parts, but I also don't know anyone who rides anything Stolen so I can't confirm it personally. For all we know, those people saying their shit breaks easily never knew anyone who had any of those ... more »

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definitely the Stolen, it has a full chromoly frame as opposed to the "3 tube chromoly" frame the Haro has. Plus it has double wall rims which are better.

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Yep, do this. They should've dished it while they built it for you, that's on them. If they refuse, stop going there and buy yourself a spoke wrench and learn yourself. Dishing is fairly simple, plus having a spoke wrench comes in handy (especially since ... more »

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By a shop, or yourself? A shop should've dished it correctly. Make sure it's definitely in the dropouts all the way to rule that out first, there's a chance when you tightened it up that it could've shifted. What I would do is just loosen both nuts, ... more »

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If it's all the way in and the wheel's cocked like that, your frame/dropouts are bent, or more likely your wheel is dished too far to one side. Did you recently have it built up or build it up yourself?

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Pics of the damage? Could be a small issue where you're just not tightening them properly or they're not on the spindle evenly, but could also be a larger problem such as something's damaged or the splines are worn out. What crank is it? Is it one with ... more »

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It's the OG frame, I was thrown off by you saying it had no brake mounts but I used the wayback machine to confirm it did come in an option without brake mounts. here's a pic of mine you can try to compare your memory to. I miss mine, rode it for years and

... more »
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that shit's so crazy, yours sounds like when my friend got a concussion haha every 2 minutes he was asking what happened and when he got home from the hospital he called again to ask what happened. I just kept saying "This doesn't happen to me!" "This ... more »

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Damn, were you with anyone when it happened at least? I wasn't when I got my concussion... October 2014 I was night riding with a couple people, the 1 left and the other 2 wanted to go dick around in a parking lot where a bunch of people were hanging ... more »

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Just do what I do and throw a stick/brick of wax in a ziploc bag and put it in your back pocket if you anticipate needing it or have a ledge in mind you wanna wax. Otherwise, none of us here carry bags usually. I carry a spoke wrench with me at all times ... more »

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just ride without a seat & seat post, super inexpensive and ultra mega lightweight. only downfall is it doesn't come in black though.

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If they're thread on ones, there might not be enough room on the axle to fit them & be able to be bolted on

assuming they're ones similar to these, there's a lot of wasted space that could make bolting them on not doable if the axle isn't ... more »
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it's every time you crank down, right? betting it's the spindle splines needing greased. take the crank arms off, clean any gunk and shit off of them, then put some grease (most any multi-purpose will do) on the splines, then make sure you put everything ... more »

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get a chromoly one. I've had the S&M one for 4 years now and it has plenty of life left, and grinding is one of my main tricks.

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I knew a guy a few years ago (he was about 24 or 25) who was in your situation, except he never went on a hiatus and until tearing his ACL, was injury-free. Everything else is the same though, he tore his ACL then hung the bike up for good cause he didn't ... more »

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Yep, try this. I'm 99% certain that's an old Verde stem, but I can't find photos to match it. The Cartel stem looks super close but lacks the bolt hole on top but I remember a friend of mine had some Verde stem and it looked exactly like that with the ... more »