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ghetto ramp air. gonna try to get a little more out of it and crank a table top here soon for a good photo

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I think they still make them, their distributor (in the US anyway) just says they're on back order till early November. Pisses me off though, they're probably my favorite tire (in the 2.25 aggressive tread) and I had to stop riding them cause they were ... more »

Added reply in a thread Thanks Cult 9/15/2017 10:43 PM that's the gist of it Basically in 2009 there was some sort of behind the scenes shit happening between Robbie Morales & Chris Moeller, Robbo started up Cult and took some riders ... more »

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Shitty screenshot… Went to ride these ditches and this picnic table was just asking to be used as a sub box. the bank is a lot steeper than it looks

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I think I've been pretty lucky with the catastrophic failures... Never really broken something that caused me to die or had several things break at once. Besides spokes anyway... Before I learned tailwhips I was trying them hop and slammed my wheel into ... more »

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I make sure everything is tight regularly, make sure things are lubed when they need to be (chain more than other things), and maintained... Besides my spokes anyway. I tend to break a lot of them since I'm not very smooth sometimes. Plus my rear hub ... more »

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Sunday/Odyssey or gtfo

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check everything in your front end for cracks. bars, stem, fork, everything. I'm betting it's a headset issue though, how old is the frame? the head tube might be ovalized or starting to ovalize. My old Sunday was ovalized and tinked like that then developed ... more »

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Animal pegs will last you forever. the majority of my riding is grinding and my Lino G pegs hold up very well. My MKII on the front right (oppo) is over 8 years old and still going too. I'd recommend getting some hub guards too. They're not required, ... more »

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ah the old "I just found out about (insert thing here) and now I'm gonna search and bump old threads about it without checking the dates first!" bump fuck your headphones

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had to screenshot this and post it… friend tried over grinding this monster 25 stair rail today. Went straight for the over grind, got on fine the first 2 times but came off prematurely. Then on the 3rd try he leaned over too far and ate shit. He's good,

... more »
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That's a Sunday Soundwave, not sure if it's the v1 or v2 just by looking at it, but it's got the D shaped chainstays. Cranks are Powerbite v2s, forks could be anything though. Lot of forks have a similar design

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Shadow chain breakers are recommended for half links but work just as well with full link chains too. I've never had any issues using mine and the little pin that comes with it to help keep your chain lined up when adding a link is very useful Whatever ... more »

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Add another link or a half link to slide your wheel back and have your peg cover more of the dropout. Or get a hub guard that slides over the dropout like the Uniguard. A regular hub guard is only gonna help if the face diameter is large enough to overlap ... more »

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No, those collars are 14mm and designed to slide into 14mm dropouts. The Credence frame has 3/8" dropouts so it wouldn't work without grinding them off or something

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Yeah he's always posting on Instagram and he's in the edit above

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Verde has been around since 2007 though, several years before Sputnic died out

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I didn't watch the whole thing cause that song was making my ears bleed, but I can do a lot of that stuff too... Doesn't mean I should be sponsored too just based on that alone. A lot of times it's more who you know, not what you can do. Also... You're ... more »

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I do the same thing hahaha yesterday some kid on a scooter swerved into me cause he wasn't paying attention and his headtube caught my peg and he ate shit and I rode away fine cause I was paying attention. The other week some idiot on a scooter almost ... more »

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yeah and that's what the tube spacer does, because without it the inner races of the bearings will compress in as you tighten your crank bolts… Some people make the (dumb) decision to just let the bolts loose to compensate for it but that's not good ... more »